How to make high quality natural chain of local tourism website

with the development of Shanghai dragon industry, the construction of the chain, is becoming more and more important, in the past few years, the Internet has been more and more low quality of the chain, and the chain Commissioner are constantly increasing, this is not only to the site has brought serious consequences to the Internet has brought a lot of garbage outside the chain. At present, the holiday is coming, many local tourist sites also increased to optimization, in the holiday before the arrival of the website optimization to the home page, so is very important in the construction of the content and the chain.


link itself are also widely.

The distribution of

for example: I do in Guizhou travel outside of the chain, the main selection and tourism related chain platform, and some have no correlation in the choice of tourism websites, such as tourism, Tourism Forum blog, love the experience of Shanghai, and then at these sites do the chain or others reproduced to other platforms so, since the release of the platform of the chain is very wide.

for example: when a local tourism construction site outside the chain, I love submission in the webmaster nets, and submitted to the article is of great relevance to the tourism network and website, as the theme to write your article, included after love Shanghai will think there is a close correlation and give score articles and site theme. Another benefit is that many people reproduced the submission of text, since this website will add a lot of natural chain.

two, the chain and the site has a correlation of

, a publishing platform of the chain to be widely distributed

how to do high quality natural chain? This has been a matter for Shanghai dragon cudgel thinking Er, in recent days love Shanghai official Lee judgment has been a lot of talk about the chain chain of the Commissioner’s attention, but also makes the construction of the foreign chain also has a lot of fear, a little attention, in the chain will be found the garbage outside the chain, and the site is K or drop right. So the construction of the chain in the local tourism website also has a lot of people in the discussion, how to deal with the Shanghai love strategy to make high quality natural chain, the author of how to place with you on tourism website for high quality natural chain.

three, the distribution of the link itself should have a wide range of

many webmasters in the construction of the chain, the chain content of most of the theme of the site and there is no correlation, this is a disadvantage for the optimization of the chain, so to construct the high quality, the content will be and site theme related, and then go to the chain, the chain in which this kind of since it is very large.

in the construction of the chain many people will think of the chain release platform to a wide range, so the chain effect will be better, the chain of existing publishing platform the blog, forum, classified information network, B2B platform, inquiry platform, stationmaster net publication, these platforms can be released outside the chain, so the author thinks that the chain must be widely distributed platform, not always released on a platform in the chain.