How to effectively control the release of the chain

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1, can not junk chain, a chain, the chain is released to regular update; spamming, some hair of the chain is not healthy for the website, the website is not conducive to the effective and lasting development; some spamming, release the chain of the site effect of light perhaps like my website, website keywords or web site snapshot back overall correction of the situation, can cause severe site by K, if K, then to the website and are in terms of their great loss.

webmaster network signature in the 2 site of the signature, release excessive spamming chain led directly to 2 sites have different negative effects, the first site is the keyword snapshot back, second website is the website whole snapshot back; I must have this is due to the spam, the hair of the chain and lead to excessive the classic case of website. (PS: originally the station originally is very normal, normal snapshot update) here is a screenshot:

yesterday is coming next time, think of stationmaster net gold has not been made, stationmaster net people know, stationmaster net signature is to rely on the gold coins to buy, a month is 300 gold, the thought of his signature will expire soon, he also sent a lot of gold, yesterday a bombing some webmasters, almost every section has its own left notes, did not expect a negative result today is the direct result website snapshot, fortunately no site is k off.


know the regularity of distribution and achieve good control of the chain of the chain is a very important work for the website optimization, but a lot of people in order to pursue fast website ranking or for site to achieve certain results in the short term, and that every day like the chain, so results most of the cases are appearing on the site of this or that problem, and their original target can be said to be the difference in the world. Why? Because they failed to effectively control and regulate the release of the chain, the author had also make this sort of similar mistakes, things like this:

Figure 2

Figure 1

2, the chain should have a wide range of; the release of the chain is not limited to one or a few platform to release the chain, because once the platform of this or that issue or because their operations are not standardized, leading to the platform account >

know the site of the causes of the problems, we must do corresponding to an antidote against the disease, the adjustment, summarized as follows:

is the first picture we clearly see the website keyword snapshot back, at the same time the site second map also appear snapshot phenomenon.