Love Shanghai enterprises of Beijing station with special care

100 Beijing ranked fourth on the website to check out the weight of love Shanghai (tools site data lag, the actual ranking is yesterday first) so, the website of Beijing got higher weight evaluation, can change to better link, in order to get a higher weight, become a virtuous cycle.

you see this title, is not that I was lying? This has a relationship with the region, the network is the world, not at the foot of the emperor "advantage. Please shaoanwuzao, listen to me carefully to say. Not because of the capital, and received special care of search engine. But because your business is registered with the server is love Shanghai "Hometown", which is not the general treatment in carelessly, at least the following two points:

a lot of enterprises are different in different areas of Shanghai have sex for promotion, that is to say, Beijing enterprises to Beijing, Shanghai enterprises in Shanghai. The love of spiders in Shanghai see who is advertising? Of course is the enterprise of Beijing. In this way, the enterprise of Beijing, in virtually increased, the web site of the chain, promote the website of the Shanghai Phoenix effect.

above is love Shanghai know web page, can be seen on the right sidebar advertising for all of Beijing’s enterprises. An industry related know then, tens of thousands of pages, as long as the snapshot didn’t update or update and bid advertising show, the chain is very effective. The original release by www.zhtcc贵族宝贝 shelf.


first, in addition to love Shanghai servers, there are a lot of tools site servers in Beijing. As we all know, love Shanghai for the industry ranking results, different regions are not the same. The ranking is calculated on the basis of some tools site so-called "love Shanghai weight". For example, we do the "shelf", in order to get a higher weight evaluation tool in the site, this tool is needed in site server location, showing a better ranking advantage.

The weight of

ranked first in Shanghai to check out the website

second is the most important, the chain effect is the love of Shanghai know. Right side of the field know love Shanghai, love Shanghai is part of the results of the ranking, although URL made the conversion, but the text display, still display advertising target site URL. That is to say, here, love Shanghai has become a chain form.