dentification of website content and processing method of garbage

there is no doubt that the website internal optimization, spam is a factor in Shanghai dragon seriously affected, but in the love of Shanghai and other search engines, not to waste the specific content of detailed explanation, in this regard, this is like all parents for their children, you must first test, but how to test first? How to carry out, did not give a clear answer, so we want to make the site more conducive to Shanghai dragon, it is necessary to study well, the search engine is concerned, what is the content and the content of garbage, garbage should be how to deal with.

second, compared with the first, is the level of ascension, no longer see things from surface to deep, but I still think but overall, why? For example, want to find how to read a Chinese characters, or want to know the train arrival time, as long as I search for the answer. All in the eyes, I find the answer that I need to stay in, don’t good? Is there a lot of text, I am looking for a long time to find the start.


took the big search engines love Shanghai for example, 2013 is really a year out of the ordinary, or whether it is Scindapsus aureus, pomegranate, let many webmaster ranking affected, it is the link algorithm Scindapsus cheating, of course, which will have some belong to accidental injury, in addition, in at the end of last year, love Shanghai also launched a so-called spark plan, mainly is to support the original site, as a result, many friends will think can’t help content is copied, spam.

is the first surface of the judgment, whether it is plagiarism, as long as the search, immediately be able to judge, the second point of view, is to look at the page access time, some friends think, for the valuable content, users will stay longer, so, browsing time short, certainly is spam.

point two: browsing time short article is spam

How to identify spam

about the above mentioned to a low point and second point, I do not agree, first of all, since the search engine launched the "original support", how many people began the so-called "original" work? Have to say, for many people, the "original" and "pseudo original" have confusion, some people even said high quality pseudo original is original! Perhaps literally, indeed after upside down and replaced the language, but for users, see is a basic value of the "no nonsense". And sometimes, website editor for some not very familiar with the name, but also by replacement or change, and even reduce the number of articles in order to scrape words, obscure so that people read more, even the users guide to the wrong road, this way, as the original copy is more direct the value of readers.

view: copy of the article is spam