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if there is further research on search engine owners will find that in fact the search engine algorithm weights of foreign chain also have a set of their own, is the chain with a website, you had more hair, a metaphor of search engine website chain an increase, so even if you made 100 a link can only add a point, so the chain information on your website had more hair is not too much, it is for this reason. Based on the long time can make use of all kinds of chain is used to guide the spider to update the site, so as to enhance the weight of the site itself, rather than to promote the chain weight, so the chain is not every day. Good advice to collect high weight of the platform, and with the help of related software, generally a week once released. Insist on a period of time you will find that not only reduce the workload, but also enhance the website weight, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

comparison of my website ( website optimization is mainly from two aspects: one is the internal links, links to the station include website title, keywords, description etc.. These simple I >

for Shanghai dragon, the first page of keywords believe many in the website optimization webmaster is relatively simple, but to keep the key words the first time of a year, that is more difficult, because the search engine is intelligent, especially " love Shanghai algorithm constantly; upgrade, " so do Shanghai dragon in this industry must keep pace with the search engines, in order to service their customers here to share with Shanghai website optimization keywords " " related tips love Shanghai Google for a year first, hope to inspire you.

analysis of several years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng, love Shanghai station optimization attention much higher than Google, do so for the Chinese keyword website, do well in the station optimization is a very important thing. In the station optimization have many skills, of course, there are a lot of new technology, if there is no certain experience, may temporarily or master, simply from the surface to optimize the time will be relatively long.

two, from the station optimization to consolidate the rank of the website

, from the chain to consolidate the rank of the website

chain has many channels, including forum, blog, quiz, encyclopedia, library, Links, soft, bookmark. But these platforms are every webmaster all know, every day there are many people in the hair, the search engine on these platforms will certainly decrease the weight, that is to say the search engine rankings could not from the aspects of simply giving you a stable position, of course, there are also many webmaster after long-term the hard, indeed accumulated a lot of resources, with the site of the age, weight will slowly increase. But there is a problem is if every day is such a cycle of work, the workload will be very big, also very tired.