Quality and quantity of link building for standing and different effect is more significant

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is not only the Forum blog, such as A5/CHINAZ experience platform, the same is a good resource link building. A good article published in the professional platform, the realization of self value transfer at the same time, will also be extremely massive reproduced from the link. But note, or a related problem. If every article published in the relevant professional platform does not seem so real, but we can make sure that each article and keywords into his writing is highly relevant. On the one hand, more natural, the second is the keynote and their related website. Back often in forums and blogs and news content, many links the nature of the signature, actually do almost nothing. Now many blogs and web sites, in the comments section with " nofollow" tag, leaving more.

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search engine based on discovery, crawling and search site, link building site construction and site optimization has become the key link. Remove the quality of the content, a lot of keywords ranking outstanding website, whether the number of links and link quality are quite good. The importance of links so remarkable, but the link resources, especially the quality and weight of the link resource is quite difficult to find. Some people say you can buy a relatively high PR value links ah, but please note that although you can buy some high weight links, but if the lack of correlation, the effect is not necessarily very ideal. In fact, in the website design and website optimization, quality and quantity can not be ignored, on the one hand we want to upgrade the quality of the weight of the link; on the other hand, is the link quality is not high, but very large (see the link and, in some industry peers website construction website, the chain has about 200000 the same can effectively enhance the website weight). So, in the process of the implementation of link building, quality and quantity are very important, not only care for this and lose that one.

exchange Links, is a main way for most of the webmaster link construction. Because the most is the same type of exchange links, and the weights and their own website, so Links is considered the most effective way of building links. Links exchange need to pay special attention to the following points: one is the link quality must be high, because a website can exchange links is extremely limited; the second is to pay attention to the site correlation, or only priority and the same type of site exchange links; the third is to be fully aware of Links do not have the good. The author in the previous article "Links is not friendly, regular maintenance checks are indispensable" clearly, so regular maintenance can not be less. Although exchange links can get relative quality links, bring some weight, but the same is to export weights. If the website links to be punished, or will bring an accident to their website.

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