Talk about Baidu fool those things

to see love Shanghai statistical data:



: the first snapshot "fool"

optimization of Shanghai friends, the more depressed is the website snapshot problem. Sometimes a headache, but no way, the webmaster friends have encountered a "snapshot not update" and "snapshot" embarrassing situation. Snapshot not update problem mainly because of two things, the home page is your website content, too much reproduced or pseudo original articles, followed by your website Links site snapshot update slow. This is the problem of its own, can not blame the search engine, but there are times when, for example Baidu more early. At this time the webmaster can only be "foolish". Snapshot is generally the host space is not stable or new title, keywords, description of frequent changes.



typical love Shanghai artificial intervention events, in fact love sea search engine optimization guide this is no ground for blame things, but in this way is a bit dumbfounding, let the webmaster friends and Shanghai dragon Er feeling is being "foolish". Fortunately, now change reminder.

love Shanghai reminds you: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may pose a risk to your site. The webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading the official guide to love Shanghai.

(Robin Lee CEO love Shanghai Robin Li) explanation:


yesterday was April 1, 2012 fool’s day. You do not have to be "foolish". But many webmaster friends and Shanghai dragon Er often are "stupid", who is the fool? Yes, we are familiar with is Baidu. Here I will talk about Baidu fool those things, I believe we all know.

Below is the

optimization friends every day are more concerned about is included in the site, outside the chain, ranking. But Baidu site command is not correct, I believe we all know, but now with the "love" of the Shanghai statistics webmaster tools, but used to know love Shanghai statistics index in the quantity and the differences of the number of query site command. For example, the Hefei Shanghai dragon blog, compare very tangled:

second: "April"

found that a lot of difference, March 25th love sea index query data anomalies from the site to now become less than 10, imperceptibly and everyone is a "fool".

third: a collection of "fool"

Hello! March 25, 2012, our system has some form > in the update process