Why love Shanghai Shanghai dragon than good bidding optimization

2. is like the love Shanghai bidding to do rankings for flow or some industry profits or some very powerful industries (good enterprises generally have well-known ranking will be good, do not need to do so); if you are a business if you are not a leader, who is selling or profit if you bid for Shanghai love is not the best choice. Of course, the above investment can in some key words, some can still flow.

2. by "general Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization sit very stable display in the search results, if you have a solid basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng you optimization of the web page in your maintenance will remain in that position, so as to get a lot of traffic, the most important of these is through your optimization keywords bring most of the flow is brought into the why? Because when you choose you will certainly do bring massive long tail word transformation (if you do not know how to do will be explained in the basic knowledge in Shanghai dragon).

1. Shanghai dragon in front has been introduced to a web page is a technical position natural ranking in the search engine search results in front, and love Shanghai auction compared to the most important point is the Shanghai dragon does not need to spend a lot of money, it is suitable for all enterprises and businesses especially small merchant.

General first says

3. love Shanghai auction is not stable, when you do not need to use the love Shanghai bidding, love Shanghai account money your site’s ranking will not want to find your website called some people do not know how to find, so we must choose carefully in the early time love Shanghai bidding, know love Shanghai auction here to understand "keyword optimization advantages:

many companies or small companies should know love Shanghai auction (also called love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion) know through bidding can make your site in the front row, then you know another way? Can not only make your website ranking, and do not need to spend too much money to maintain this position? The following is to elaborate Shanghai Longfeng why love Shanghai is better than optimal bidding, why do you want to study the art of Shanghai Dragon:

3. by Shanghai Dragon Technology Optimization "does not need to.

1. we made love for Shanghai should know love Shanghai bidding is in accordance with the search click to pay, but most of the manufacturers in this way will not last long, the price is high, little effect. Because you need to bring the flow must be transformed and not some marginal find useless traffic, so traffic more for your business is not much effect; some people may say that it can enhance brand awareness, in fact really can? If you are caused by keywords search traffic can if other traffic sources wouldn’t have this effect.