The reason love the sea K home and treatment measures

1, first with the webmaster tools to check the snapshot of what time did not check, know that after the October 25th snapshot is not, not in front of that in October 28th, Shanghai October K online love view station station me also to pick up crazy. Since love is like Shanghai, have to think about where the wrong, get angry I love Shanghai, what do you love, I still can’t change

2, check again Links, put no link to my site deleted, to tell you the truth that I do not know what is not there, can only be styled, with the focus on the next Links between 23-24, to see whether it is right to drop and K station this is the case, will shoot down. The site of the initial line quality Links not paid much attention, basically is to add the added, now that I think is really too late for regrets.

5, early every day to update the 4-5 article, mainly in order to increase your website, it seems unwise, the number up quality can not keep up, I see the next article basically said to copy from outside the station, exhort to edit a pseudo original. Alas, the execution and the dead.

October 28th, a black Sunday. This night I found my website Yonghui international collections cultural exchange center, Shanghai love no snapshot, tangled that depressed ah, what happened? I was alarmed at the moment, although everyone said that as an old Shanghai dragon ER encounter this kind of thing should be calm, after all, so many years, what have not seen, but it not to you, what things in themselves will not panic, when you give someone a diagnosis website said so calm.

after the chain do must pay attention to the quality of the Links.

found no snapshot I do the following things:

4, it is a problem in the chain site? Site keywords and the function of automatic chain opened a few days ago, is it because here cause K home, to the back, all linked words are deleted, re generated web pages, the whole site clean in the article, do not see a link, I don’t want to what keywords keywords ranking, the first home to come back again.

3, check the Links look at the front page of keywords, no case was found to exceed the standard, and then look at the title of the key words have piled up phenomenon, but also did not find the serious problem of the stack.

> The main problem of

6, outside the station is outside the chain, after statistics found that 70% of the chain site from A5, left behind, and the webmaster forum, and 90% said the chain signed by OH MY the GOD! This is also OK? Who the hell I am entering into hell, there is no free lunch the meal, it appears that this sentence is true, a bar to kill people ah.