Those things outside the chain of Sohu micro blog promotion promotion


for a long time did not update the blog, is a bit sorry audience kazakhstan. But at this time, Chengdu Shanghai dragon has not been idle, the Internet everywhere look around, many bloggers have to leave a message. But recently found a lot less friends blog time is to update a week. Look at this blog, a blog to let Chengdu Shanghai dragon feelings. The content of the article is about the Shanghai dragon, it’s not about network marketing and promotion, but that is the self-discipline and time management about personal content. In addition to these, I also practice some methods of website promotion, do not strictly speaking is website promotion, but only belongs to some methods for improving site outside the chain. Chengdu Shanghai Longfeng are in the end what kind of feelings? Chengdu Shanghai dragon is the practice of what kind of chain increase? Please read.

time management: 24 hours you can spend 12 hours to perform

chain extension method of common The

time for everyone is equal, you have 24 hours to others also have 24 hours, at the same time, people can do many things, but he didn’t do so many things? For a long period of time, I doubt their ability, rare you really can’t do a thing? It’s not, is he spent some time in other things, and do not have to pay some of their own ideas, every day care website ranking, but he didn’t have to pay hard to harvest is impossible. I understand that it is from this point, I learned to act, purposeful action. Every day, what arrangements, update the article? Or increase the site outside the chain? How much is the number of site outside the chain? And where to increase the site chain included? These are the need to own a practice to know. Of course, these methods can get, which requires careful observation of some other friends on the forum of operation method, others can do may not be suitable for them, but we can find ideas from.

chain extension method known as the chain blog, blog, forum, outside the chain of soft outside the chain, and some outside the chain with QQ automatic message, QQ space to do the use of third sites. Here we compare these common chain extension method, find out what kind of chain extension method is superior ".

, a blog chain. The chain blog is to find the main operational thinking can release the anchor text or links the third party blog, this blog is also included is faster, higher weight is the main position for us to choose. The blog also found, need is not content, what kind of content are suitable, to see what the theme of the blog is released, what kind of content, it is the same with our website or blog. The content needs to be constantly.