The love from the Shanghai encyclopedia website optimization

path. Path type website has three kinds: dynamic path, pseudo static path and pure static path.

Two, the classification of

three, the optimization path to improve keyword rankings. Hunan Shanghai dragon small in here mainly static and pseudo static strength of the way to do the analysis, suggestions contained in the path of the Pinyin or words in. This can have.

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. Today Xiaobian share theme through the path optimization of website, improve website ranking method. Xiao Bian will love in the Encyclopedia of Shanghai as an example, from the classification form, the path and how to optimize the site path for example improve keyword rankings of the four aspects.

, the path of relative and absolute paths. For example, the relative path of natural love Shanghai encyclopedia Encyclopedia: " /ziran/" "; absolute path: baike.baidu贵族宝贝/ziran/" (omitted here 贵族宝贝), form that is the absolute path is the "贵族宝贝+ domain name + relative path". The site is a relative path, or take the absolute path optimization of the site is not affected, but there is one point, if it is the absolute path of Web site, not easy to be a malicious mirror.

A, a dynamic path. What is the dynamic path? We can often see the path of the tail has a variety of suffixes, such as:.Asp,.Php,.Jsp,.Cgi and.Aspx, but also can often see again in the path of "mark". This appears in the path? "The path and end in.Asp,.Php,.Jsp,.Cgi and.Aspx suffix, we call the dynamic path. If the registration page path A5 Forum: " bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/member.php mod=reg"?;. We can see the "?" and the suffix.Php.

B, pseudo static path. This path does not exist in this page on the website, through the server generated. So the use of pseudo static generated page will load the consumption of server.

met the above 3 kinds of path, many new Adsense website will ask, what is the method of path to Shanghai dragon? In fact no matter which, there is no impact to the search engine, but we will see if the use of dynamic path, a path that contains the variable parameters. The length is long, also have a chance to fall into the cycle of death. We all know that the path is shorter, more friendly to search engines, if the dynamic path, should try to reduce the number of variables in the path parameter. This is why the search engine webmaster guidelines are mentioned, the website should try to use the static path.

C, the pure static path. The path of the page is real in the web site.

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