Website home page is K to 24 hours

The original

station is K how to change is not afraid of tests with the first station: since most stations are using the Dede program to do, but I just learned some dream spinning station tutorial, start to do these stations are spinning other templates, which will not delete the redundant code, and now look at these the template indeed produced a garbage, then the entire site changed colour changing surface, make the code more simple, keyword density layout also re arrangement. The article page template optimization changes: add the website keyword anchor text and link address corresponding articles in the article below.

the first site using the above two methods, second days to love Shanghai site website homepage has appeared in the first, then check the keywords ranking are restored to the home page. May be a fluke. But the more than 20 station is the case. Not tried again, so will the other home page is the K station in the same way it all. Change the time template also used several different templates, fewer people will be more love with love in Shanghai. The surprise, in second days after the home page to restore the site. I do not know the specific reasons. Hundreds of stations will often appear inevitably some of the home page is K. Just a few days ago again with this method as possible. Let the site to avoid the loss of master several timely recovery website ranking method is very necessary. I want to share to help friends have the same problem.

two easy steps can let be K site within a day of recovery, every webmaster has its own way, here I share how I do. In 2011 July, some twenty sites themselves at home site by K, a wonder Links trouble, but some stations haven’t done a chain. The chain update is not what changes, people worry about is how to restore the twenty station, began on the two day I still hold a glimmer of hope to restore the love of Shanghai station, it’s disappointing. That change the title, change the template will be right down by K, which I have to take a stand to do K test:

To change the site structure of


by He Shaoling 贵族宝贝sujiayue贵族宝贝, the original is not easy, please keep the link.

Optimization Website Title title

Title started to write in the website, after a period of profit will find a lot of high conversion words not written into the title, want to change the fear of being K, the site was K when is the best time to change the title, of course, only a small area of the site title change, such as the recovery of sheets into weight loss the class is relatively slow. A word proper optimization in title is conducive to the recovery site.