These website optimization details are small but enough to stumble your ranking

3. website picture description and text processing; now many sites use love picture layout of website content, whether in the home or inside pages, using pictures display content there is a lot. However, the current search engine technology is unable to identify the picture represents the content, it needs to do a "ALT" attribute description of the picture, let the spider can understand the meaning of the picture. If there are a large number of attributes not that picture, love is very difficult for Shanghai to give your site to rank high weight.


4. web site links to death; in fact the internet station was completed and later after the operation of the process, there are more or less some dead links, in fact, a good solution to this problem, find some analysis tools to help you make the diagnosis, timely dispose of dead links. Don’t let some of the details on your website user experience. A little bit of love in there that Shanghai webmaster tools, if you are careful enough, we can find that the owners really love Shanghai more carefully than you, what time your site appears dead links, love online monitoring data of Shanghai webmaster tools, let you at a glance, good oral.

2. website 301 redirect; but many webmaster site site will find himself, often see without the WWW domain name domain name based on WWW, this is for those who love Shanghai and do not do the webmaster to redirect information feedback. Intended to prompt the website optimization specialist to redirect the domain name 301. We are used to carry WWW to WWW, because the latter use most visitors habits as the site visit. If you don’t do the 301 redirection, search engine will think you two separate domains, inadvertently distract your website ranking weight index.

5. site access speed; the author repeatedly stressed that the effect of speed on the website of the website optimization, is really very important, very important, because the market IDC host space is more and more cheap, causing a lot of virtual hosting providers in order to save costs, on the same server put several hundred sites, each site.

1. website 404 error settings; don’t say you don’t understand, even if not understand, many webmaster to do this. Give yourself the optimization of the web site do 404 error page that is actually very simple things, the purpose of doing so is to tell the search engines, my website for users do suggest that help visitors to enhance the user experience. Especially love Shanghai, really care about your site do 404 error, more general flow of the portal will do the 404 error page, 404 error settings can help to optimize the visitor browse the web experience.

talk about web site optimization, many of my friends all know how to do, how to do, is nothing more than the basic keyword layout, website content writing updates, reverse link layout. These are the network marketing a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a mechanism to share some dry cargo partners here, although some website optimization details, but if you really pay enough attention to the