Buy link is the door of knowledge must be careful and cautious

network, they provide high quality links, such as PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, or Pr9 links, but these really as they say such a high weight and pr. So I remind friends buy links, attention must be paid to the quality of the link, from Shanghai, PR, the weight of love, love Shanghai, included snapshot ranking, domain name age to consider. Do not see the unilateral PR or other elements, is likely a factor is very good, but is up by the technique of cheating, once the purchase of such links, the money is damaged, their hard to take care of the affected site is not good.



There are a lot of selling links on the

buy me the link according to the distribution of time, from the seller to buy over the link, how to arrange the other to our website links? The author thinks that the link is placed must have a time, if you buy a quantitative timing, 20 links, you can let the seller, every day to help you put two, 10 consecutive days, this compared with the general increase in the chain process. Do not all fall, the search engine will be judged as cheating.

second, link quality

Links role in website optimization is self-evident, Links directly affects the quality of the weight and website ranking, so many owners in order to improve the site weight of short period, improve website ranking will choose to buy links, especially the key word competition strength particularly large, buy links may be the best way.

, the first link

general purchase link friends will choose some relatively high weight, relatively high PR website, webmaster friends often in websites or forums often see selling advertising links, so many selling links, visible link demand is very large. The author here to remind is, buy links as well as art, must be careful careful, do not be deceived.

third, goods more than three

buy links to make a clear distinction between each other to provide the link, is the chain or black chain? Chain, suggests that it is can be seen, is through the naked eye can see website link on the website. Black chain, hidden links, through the anchor text color to hide, or directly put the code of the link, the naked eye can not see. The normal site will choose the chain, black chain is a cheat search engine technique, a short period of time may have the effect, once the search engine website found, face the risk of being punished. The author suggests that the webmaster friends if you want to buy or to choose the chain link.

timing and quantitative link

as the saying goes "Wangpo saying, puff", buy links also like to buy things in stores or online sellers are the same, say something about yourself that the good, the cheaper it is cheap. When buying links do not only to a website asking price, several different packages and offers information and website quality.