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is not only a medical station ranking is difficult, the site traffic to get a higher conversion rate is difficult, many in the medical station do the bidding at a loss but also because of this reason, the website user experience is not good, open speed slow, many users point to open the site after a long time only web pages first of all to the user feel that the site is not formal, in their minds, general hospital what is good, the website open speed is not naturally bad, it will lose a large number of users, the second is the content of the website no substantive things, are some very common things online, users can not really solve doubts of course, these are just impact on users, for search engines, the medical industry already involves a very sensitive issue, Related to people’s health, naturally can not be underestimated, however, a large number of medical sites get together often make patients see dazzling, do not know is true or false, is obligated to provide some useful information for patients about this love Shanghai as a carrier of this information, however, love Shanghai search engine, to determine the site how is the best way through the contents of the website and user satisfaction to determine if your website user experience is good, we all love to love your website, articles on the website, website ranking will naturally go up.

because I’ve done the optimization work of medical industry, this industry is very understanding, the competition in medical industry is very large, in addition to a large area of the auction, but also suffering from what the industry heavy pressure, such as: 39 Health Network, doctors and so on, so that to get a good website the ranking is very difficult, in addition to the K last night stand frenzy, for those who do medical friends Shanghai Longfeng is somewhat unfair, so with this amount of K station is not indicative of the medical industry has no opportunity to turn around! In fact, through my analysis, summary do a website optimization skills of the medical industry, below and share:

first, the user experience is the key to


In fact,

today is October the 20th, Monday morning, came to the company as usual, open the computer after the first checks the website ranking, website ranking has found steady rise, can not help but chuckle, then found several Shanghai Longfeng exchange QQ group has been ringing, it looks like love and what happened in Shanghai, or not so unusual, open look as I expected, love Shanghai in this update has lost a large number of K website.

opened the QQ group saw a bawl, looked to know last night love Shanghai put a lot of medical station depilates, for those who do the medical station friend a great shock, after a difficult June, when many webmaster do optimization are standard lot, rarely touch the "black hat" means, but it will be K station.

second, the transfer of the front, focus on the promotion of