How to decrypt the Shanghai dragon irrelevant keyword optimization to the home page

binary anti chain that the main reason for the station was ranked "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" is done before the "web site optimization such as Tianjin Shanghai dragon", and the "Baoding IT" followed by a revision of the net only. But not a webmaster to ask: why is the revised can also maintain the previous rankings? To do further binary analysis:

But according to the observation of the

in Links we can observe that the word "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" was done in the chain. In fact, keyword search engine to draw text in Links is very valued. A little while from the figure we can see is: "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" this link Links, love Shanghai for weight is quite good. Every day there are included, snapshots daily, it also determines the "Tianjin Shanghai" dragon "corresponding to its website the URL address of the association.

in the process of website construction, the keyword positioning determines the direction of the site, the webmaster do optimization is the optimization of the keyword ranking, every mention website ranking is ranked the core keyword. However, when we put keyword optimization to a certain position is what can be done? The binary here to say is: "no relevant keyword can also be optimized, and the results are not necessarily bad. Optimization in place, is undoubtedly a website to open up the market.

article wrote here, in fact, such examples in the search engine search on several general phenomenon meet the eye everywhere, you can meet a few words of this phenomenon. No revision do not "irrelevant keywords home page?" in fact, if the use of text inside and outside the station, even if the website keyword does not exist in the "relevance" keywords, can also be on the home page. The final binary network to professional website construction company pilot technology ( stressed: but do optimization so that the non relevance of keywords, a required weight is very important: the site itself is high enough, so if the site does not have a certain weight. "

A: the process of revision is not being "right" in the website, which is the most "observation period", so even if the website of the "quality" of the revision, still maintained a high weight.

B: do not ignore the importance of Links, text description has been added to a web search engine keyword positioning. But because the site is after revision, Links still maintained the "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" revision of the key word, so in the keywords, and did not get the right to be reduced.

we can see that the site doesn’t have anything to do with "Tianjin" Shanghai dragon relevant keywords, and the "keyword" label is not associated with the word, but why will do? The following content analysis of binary practice: