Love Shanghai cancel news source database or the impact on many industries


news source database, news source site lay money day is gone for ever. Love Shanghai in the announcement clearly pointed out:

challenges and opportunities always coexist, cancel the news source database, is actually an upgrade and open love Shanghai technology. It can be said that there are news retrieval opportunity for the whole network, the original high quality content sites, and will not have much impact, and whether to join the VIP>


cancel love Shanghai news source database on the impact of webmaster doubt. The PC era, news source is the head of the "lifeline" means: the news sources included, means that the source of traffic. In order to obtain the news source, the webmaster side of love Shanghai included mechanism, a late update gives journalists the sensitivity. In the webmaster circles spread such a statement: a news source site, only news source itself is worth 2 million.

After the cancellation of

love Shanghai search results page display

The timeliness of the card

Webmaster: self revolution opportunities

VIP "at the same time for the club’s services are fully upgraded, the first to open the original quality timeliness site for entrance, to meet the requirements of original quality timeliness requirements can be submitted through the platform site home page right below the entrance."

for the past opportunistic sites, is facing a severe test, whether in accordance with the new rules to produce content determines whether they can display in the timeliness of the retrieval results love Shanghai "".

first is that love is Hisun with the upgrade, the realization of automatic identification for the whole network news information content and included display, users can search and browse to the whole network more quality content; the second point is the output of high-quality original content site, no longer need the news source application system from the content, quality, user experience and other dimensions of automatic judgment, and the quality of content display; the third is that VIP club is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform designed for high quality site launched, the club hierarchy provides love Shanghai quality resources and privileges services, will join to provide VIP service.

March 21st, Shanghai announced the cancellation of love love Shanghai news source database, and invited the best news in the original site Webmaster Platform VIP club, to show more high-quality content. A paper notice issued, in the industry caused no small vibration, the author also emerge in an endless stream. Then love Shanghai cancel the news source database, which will affect the industry, what are the changes in the

original news source database of the highest quality station will invite settled Webmaster Platform club VIP site have the priority to show in the timeliness of the retrieval results, at the same time enjoy more services provided by the VIP Club; not settled in the VIP club site, still have a chance to show the effectiveness of the results."