Analysis of the site into the sandbox love Shanghai

so, for a new station, after the line must maintain the stability of the server, a stable space is fatal for the new station.

third: the line on the website changes frequently

As for why

will enter the sandbox love Shanghai this problem, I think for a long time, the combination of my site from the beginning to the not included some of the things that happens in between, we draw the following conclusions, we share and discuss about the site into the sandbox:

sandbox must do Shanghai Longfeng colleagues are aware, but love Shanghai sandbox there may be some friends do not understand. I love Shanghai sandbox may not be accurate, but he and the Google sandbox is the same as nature, is a new observation period, the cycle time of uncertainty, long even a few months short of just a few days. Recently a station I love Shanghai entered the observation period, I began to love Shanghai to end after second days of Shanghai website, included, but the third day when I was in love in Shanghai, use the site command to query the site collected, the site has been in love in Shanghai without a data point. I suspect that is entered into the sandbox love Shanghai.



so, recommend website not stereotypes do not rush to submit, to ensure that your site submitted is >

in the line on the website, by my own hand resources added some link to the new station, my hands are mostly about PR3 resources on the web site, although not much, but I think now might also be one of the reasons to love Shanghai site into the sandbox. As a new natural speaking, could not increase the PR site link so much overnight, obviously this is a very natural thing, so I love Shanghai put the site into a small dark room were observed.

: early new server instability

line on the site server due to the unstable site into the sandbox for this reason is love Shanghai is the site I doubt. My second day in the evening to submit your web site, because the space is not stable, resulting in the website cannot be opened normally, and lasted for one day, and stable web space, my site is in Shanghai not to love site.

love ShanghaiThe first

second: the new line after the chain too mad

website online forum and frequent change of title may also lead to a website to enter one of the reasons to love Shanghai sandbox. Because your site is not stable, has been modified. Because of the layout according to the meaning of leadership for the continuous on-line website changes including website title modify etc, lead to unstable site. Let love Shanghai have to your site observation period for income.

so, for a new sites, links should not be too crazy, to natural step by step to do, to be natural and calm. Don’t look there too many human factors.