Analysis of love in Shanghai recently to grasp the latest algorithm to adjust the optimization direc


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For the love of Shanghai recently frequent updates, I believe that many owners have deep feelings, because love Shanghai for their own or find some loopholes for algorithm algorithm in a series of adjustments, regular white hat techniques may affect Shanghai dragon is not too big, but for some manipulation of black hat a merciless blow. Today I’m here for everyone to do a simple analysis of recent events and their conclusions of some phenomena. If my analysis can resonate with everyone, please do not save yourself for a second, give more support and encourage me.

1, Shanghai dragon rain events — stations, mirroring, DNS cheating is no longer applicable for


everyone said the rain Shanghai dragon is the use of the station group, is the use of images, there is Links where the DNS deception, this may be every search engine and the webmaster feel unbearable. In this case, we may for the station group operation, have a deep understanding for the mirror, believe that many webmaster will not use this extreme to optimize the website. Because of the love of Shanghai for these stations have a standard, ready to pull you into the blacklist. For DNS deception, believe that the search engine will be considered more reasonable grasp of time, don’t let the spider deceived, the protection of interoperability between Links, and webmaster link exchange will also pay close attention to the victims, do not let their station as others guide weight.

, for which the site is also in a short period of time up to love Shanghai home, in the rain events after their station was K for a long time the station is injured all over the body, a large area is K, for a long time now to believe their depressed die? For everyone for the website do a lot of analysis, I think the rain or the use of similar skills, but his difference is unilateral volunteers gave him a link, let his website weight increase. I think he is the love sea K reasons. We love Shanghai for the site Links will at this time to make an adjustment, if a station has a large number of one-way links of friendship, will be investigated, and even K.

2, for which the site was K too many accidents site Links should also pay attention to whether the nature of

so everyone in the exchange Links must pay attention to the nature, also have to pay more attention to weight, pay attention to the correlation. For example, for a long time the station, before there are a large number of unrelated sites gave him Links, according to this speculation may be in love with the sea station > K


for Shanghai dragon rain event, you must have a deep understanding, I do not say here, only said that he was K, or directly by the artificial is not necessarily his technique is completely love Shanghai bear, but violated the interests of some people in a way. As we all know

We all know that