Analysis of development trend and Taobao ranking optimization algorithm



3, to optimize the internal structure of the shop

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so far, with the direct competition of various businesses is increasing, and more and more attention to the shop of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in effect, leading to the Taobao official also began to pay attention to and constantly improved ranking algorithm rules. Taobao is currently in Shanghai Longfeng optimization field, this occupation is a relatively new occupation, and not too many Shanghai dragon Er to look at Taobao, so do the relatively few people. When all the people are not aware of the circumstances, you do it, then it is very likely to succeed. This view may be a lot of people agree, after all not a competitive industry is a competitive industry more.

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1, must consider the consumer psychology

and optimize the structure of the site almost, a good shop structure for ranking is the role is also very important, but also consider the layout and density of the shop keywords, to get a better ranking opportunity.

believe that Shanghai dragon friends should be easy to understand, any search ranking algorithm is around the user experience to constantly improve and perfect, Taobao certainly is no exception, so in order to get a good ranking, everything must be optimized around consumers.

2, Taobao should give a certain interest

With the further growth of Taobao

train and love Shanghai is different, Taobao on the left side of the page or businesses natural ranking goods, just on the right side of the page as a way to promote the train, so Taobao at this point by the love of Shanghai is still relatively humane. Since Taobao is left in nature, so it must lead to the natural ranking of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

Taobao as a platform provider, if you do not earn a penny, so that Taobao can not support how long, so in the use of Taobao platform gains, also should do some corresponding official Taobao promotion services, so that there is a lift and stability contributed to Taobao ranking.

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ranking algorithm to love the stars summed up the following principles:


About the Taobao

shop in recent years, the number of Taobao shop has far more than the enterprise website skilled, the explosive growth of Taobao user group, a direct result of the interaction of the increasingly fierce competition in the past if you want to sell to make money in Taobao, we should first think of Taobao Taobao train, train is a similar love Shanghai promotion business, is through the keywords to help businesses promote commodity