Details determine success or failure in the construction of the chain can not ignore the details


details: the main navigation columns do not place the low quality of the

optimization personnel all know to improve the user friendly experience in the breadcrumb navigation on and improve the ranking. In a breadcrumb there are many details that need our attention. For example, we can fully be breadcrumb and our combination of keywords. We see a lot of bread crumbs navigation home page link up to do the anchor text to "home", and we can take this place with our words. For example, breadcrumb navigation A5: Web page » & search; Shanghai dragon » a few details: details determine success or failure in the construction of the chain you cannot ignore, we can combine our own keywords to integrate into home: A5 » & search; Shanghai dragon » the details determine success or failure: a few details, in you can’t ignore the chain construction. Through this we can promote our main keywords ranking.


with the search engine more and more humanization, the internal structure of the search engine has become more and more requirement of the site. In this regard, now if you want to have a good stable rank your keywords, you not only need a strong chain support, you also need to have a reasonable internal structure of solid backing station. Tongwang贵族宝贝 founder Wang Tong had publicly said he believed that the importance of a perfect and reasonable internal structure is higher than that of the outer chain chain.

has a lot of enterprise site will ignore the details, such as some of the corporate profiles, telephone and so on some low quality in the main page navigation, it is a waste of weight. Because these pages are not the key to our ranking, some low quality page placed here will seriously waste our precious link weight.

I think we do when we build the site within the chain, we not only need to consider the search engine index at the same time, we also need to consider the user friendly experience. We included in the construction of the chain need to pay attention to every detail, there is a saying that good, the details determine success or failure. Indeed, only if we get all the details in the construction of the chain, is to own the chain to achieve the desired effect. What are the details so that we can not ignore the


main navigation is the visitor clicks on the position of the maximum amount, and each link weight on the navigation bar are quite high, because these are the link weight together under each column page, we can say that the weight just below the weight. So we need a reasonable use of these positions, not some low quality set in this page.

the home page of the site can be said to be the highest weight of our main page >

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details of the three: the site of the first page of links to avoid excessive