Black Tan love Shanghai how to upload pictures share combat skills


. Not much, more to share more progress today, Black Tan took some of my own sex skills to share pictures of Shanghai,

recently told me some sales feedback said many customers want to upload their own products on the love of Shanghai pictures, so this afternoon for the training of technical staff at the meeting, in fact, it is difficult to say, simple is not simple, like brand promotion, seemingly simple, but it is executed? Or insist on the implementation of the

the chance to grab this love Shanghai so big, combat tutorial, open the love Shanghai pictures home page, then login your account after the upper right corner to see an icon called "my photos"

: the first love Shanghai upload their own

? platformThe other


share two methods.


16 years ago there was a blog called love Shanghai, do not know there is no one impressed, just behind Shanghai love this product does not do it no one to play, or before using space sex love Shanghai Shanghai picture is very good, but now the NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog bus, or blog more reliable.

second: the use of other



then click upload pictures on the line, remember several albums, then the title and description are written on keywords, once love Shanghai grab user search keywords such love will come out after Shanghai pictures, is not as simple as

platform too much, it can be said that any website can be love Shanghai crawl, but the key is how to quickly find some suitable platform, here recommended two Black Tan skills, the first is the use of some of the platform under the sea in Shanghai, love is mom, certainly to take more care of their child such as myself, love Shanghai know, love of Shanghai library, Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar love love experience, upload pictures and so on are easy to love Shanghai. This included, needless to say, the key to a Black Tan here is to use the same method for the existing image resources to do their own pictures, this is also very good understanding that is our search keywords any counterparts in Shanghai love home and pictures will come out a lot of pictures, then click on the picture in, then appears to the right site, point Click the URL into the know to be included where the other pictures, so you also like these pictures in the platform on the line, this is the fastest and most effective, for example, the screen and I treasure keywords.

for a long time not to write original articles, with the screen customers more and more, busy every day like a dog behind, directly bought a folding bed to sleep in the office, business, not everyone has this gene, no wonder before a young teacher said is my infinite capital