A5 marketing one percent luck is more important than the effort

by the author of a personal experience for example, remember to "Amber network" transfer a domain name in 3 years ago. Then it made a simple casual blog, good day, but always in the morning "cannot access" problems or delays, what is the final examination? DNS server, domain name registration website master it all even the peak delay, how to make sure the service for the customer comments:? That time is often the time love Shanghai update.

two: when not just

: love Shanghai jinzhuzhechi howl strong principles


yeah, sometimes 1% luck really is more important than the effort of 99%. A few days ago a consulting Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis customer said: "the same website, why not his right to be reduced, and I will drop right? This problem is caused by what you say it?" I reply to him is: "the same is corruption, why some people have been killed. Some people still alive?" have to say, sometimes luck is really important! So, how to do this luck? Of course, we do not mean to do those sites illegal crime.

today in Shanghai Webmaster Platform accidentally saw a post about the content is this: "my site every day to update, but not over a few months are not as maintenance sites." There is a very classic reply below the post:

! If your site is off the chain!

exchange website construction cannot do without Links, but there are some "lazy" website for several months to check the Links. Here before I met a lot of this type, the other the website is ranked K what is gone, also hung a link? What is the result of this? It seems that only one in the search engine: "you continue to do vote for the site!" only the final result: he is not alive. The search engine to your score reduces! If there are a large number of such score chain, then you can only be listed as the party as

, you can find the problem in three or four midnight when? For this example, I want to say here is: a web site, put all the rough problems may appear, strangled, such as: Program (not to select those commercial break, no heaven pie), server, do not look at those monthly, cheap. Although it cannot absolutely solve off the chain, but: got the maximum protection, let the bad luck maximize avoid! When you are on the server.


if your site is therefore love for hireign lower scores on site, is really very bad luck, why do you say that? Links individual problems well, Links problems in large quantities, it can only blame the RP problem! But after all still say: always check, look! Luck is linked with diligence.