Awesome text three signs site is down right and Countermeasures

site:www.***.org is mentioned, is not the first home page, this is right down the performance. In fact, the site domain name is not in the home, this is a very natural phenomenon. Site love Shanghai, sometimes it is not the first! With a few years of stationmaster experience, most of the data show the feeling of love Shanghai is not accurate, resulting in errors in Shanghai Longfeng ER understand.

was always someone in the group that "my site is artificial drop right", was just engaged in Shanghai dragon industry, but also for gospel truth. I gradually began to doubt, "love Shanghai why artificial right down your station?" "your website is worth to love Shanghai artificial down right?" the Shanghai dragon combat password that the possibility of common website be artificial drop right is almost 0. So when encounter this kind of move is down the right of the owners manual, began to doubt his actual level of Shanghai dragon. These are enlightened about the struggle with the man down the right owners, that we now turn to the specific site is down right, what are the three signs.

: the first website ranking drop.

this is the most common phenomenon. In fact, the cause of the decline in ranking websites is not only loved Shanghai right down, there may be other people’s sites weight than you, causing your website ranking drop. But if the drop is too large or ranking no ranking, you need to pay attention to. Because most of this situation is because the site is down right, you have to carefully examine all aspects for the site and dressing.

update snapshot, but this does not mean the weight of your site is high. But if your snapshot is not normal, one month or two months are not updated, the problems of your site a, the chain, content, structure and so on need to carefully check the website. If a site is not a good snapshot, and relatively weak outside the chain, the probability of very large swap position.

this is the case you need to improve the site degree of concern. Because this is often the search engine drop right and K early warning station. This situation needs to strengthen the construction of the chain, do the work within the chain, gives a website home page and content page weight high enough. Over time, your site will gradually improve the situation and may have been greatly improved.

third: snapshot not update.

tip: the site is down right, some people will think the reason is the friends of the chain, then hurried back to friends of the chain to delete all. In fact, these people are our fear themselves, on the website of the weight chain is indeed important, but Shanghai will not love to your website a drop right, unless you are a chain chain or have the right to stand down.

second: Web site greatly reduced.

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