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electricity supplier in the double 11 promotion, total sales of Tmall mall Home Furnishing category claims more than 300 million yuan, of which the friends of furniture store sales of billions of dollars, Tmall double 11 sales into the list of the top three. But after all you Home Furnishing promotion broke up to 36% of the refund rate. The industry generally questioned Home Furnishing furniture electricity supplier for the red list and brush sales. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the friends of furniture stores, nearly 30 days of the refund rate reached 13.96%, higher than the industry 4.87% refund rate, mainly because of the quality of goods and goods not received.

according to the reporter, the traditional store refund rate control in general about 2%. While industry professionals said: "because consumers have fully experienced, can determine their own.

high refund rate is not normal

review of Taobao’s growth can be found, in 2008, Taobao online shopping amount accounted for only 0.87% of the total retail sales of social commodities; 2009, 2010 and 2011, the proportion reached 1.57%, 2.55% and 3.44%. In recent years, with taobao贵族宝贝 as the representative of the electricity supplier online shopping has maintained a rapid growth.

friends Home Furnishing broke up to 36% of the refund rate of

At the same time grew

is now at the end of the year, many consumers in the online shopping Home Furnishing furniture supplies, so you can save shopping time to choose, but like online shopping furniture in the logistics, installation, returns and other aspects of the consumers screaming too much. If coupled with various like transportation, installation of additional costs, compared to the purchase in physical stores, online shopping advantage is not obvious.

can be said in 2012 is the electricity supplier to the world of online shopping, like Taobao, Tmall is to create a record of tens of billions, once let the electricity industry to the top.

in the electricity industry market, also exposed the defects of online shopping. According to the reporter learned that, recently Home Furnishing electricity supplier sales record highs, but according to the relevant data show that in the double 11 promotion, the controversial all friends Home Furnishing broke up to 36% of the refund rate.

to lead to such a high rate of refund, many commercial manufacturers will be attributed to the following two points, one is because the furniture delivery time is relatively long, and some even up to 20 days, two is a lot of orders for businesses to manufacturers at a single production line after delivery. Many consumers reflected in the double 11 to buy furniture, until this month only after delivery and installation.


is a furniture electricity supplier said that due to the particularity of furniture goods, consumer online shopping Home Furnishing in quality, delivery, installation and so on any one part of the experience of the poor could lead to a refund.

is calculated according to the National Bureau of Statistics announced in October the total retail sales of consumer goods, only the "double 11" one day, Taobao and Tmall to create a record turnover of 19 billion 100 million yuan, 19 billion 100 million yuan can be said to be accounted for the total retail sales of 30%.