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Ye Zhiqiang and other three students to join the ten convenience stores will be held on April 19th at the Shenzhen Institute of information technology opened, the school community convenience store is located in Longgang District of Shenzhen City Longxiang Avenue Business Hours extended to 18 hours, in order to adapt to the students’ strong demand for shopping. For the convenience of the ten campus layout, ten convenience with Hao own view, I watched a group of data show Hao Zong: 2009~2015 college students’ employment expectation salary curve

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, ten convenient college students on behalf of Ye Zhiqiang, is a handsome guy in early 20, for the choice of ten convenience as the first choice for entrepreneurship, he has his own unique views. In his view, " Internet +" mode of convenience stores have become a general trend; in particular, occupy the "last mile" when ten convenience is standing on the era and wealth of the wind above. Whether it is a community convenience store or a campus convenience store, the starting point is to bring convenience to the user and create a condition for the user’s emotional connection. Ye Zhiqiang said that the current college students’ entrepreneurship has become more and more prominent and sharp, entrepreneurship has always been his dream, but also the desire of many college students, while the market most of the project, hold high the banner of entrepreneurship, doing business quanqian elongated front. And when ten convenience stores flow, not only "light mode", and "fast start"! Only 7 days, can easily join the opening, this is relatively optimistic about his.


ten convenience Hao said: "when the ten convenience into the campus, close to college students, it is to see the strong market demand flow, also adhering to the" young, fashion, feelings "to join the purpose, for college students to create more.

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recently, O2O community service providers ten convenience continued the layout of the pan community ", after the office of the ten convenience store opened in the Futian Free Trade, ten convenience entered the university campus, Ye Zhiqiang, three college students will become the first batch of students at ten convenient community partners.

we can see that compared to the average monthly salary expectation of 3680 yuan in 2014, the salary expectation this year has increased by nearly 2000 yuan to 5510 yuan, which is basically the same as the highest in 2011. Prices are rising, the overall wage in the workplace is also rising, job seekers expect monthly salary will also rise, but this excessive growth also increased the employment pressure of job seekers from another aspect. With the salary expectation is not proportional to the employment compared to the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students is rising, the survey found that for several years, the proportion of people with entrepreneurial intention in the annual 20%! 2014 data for 22.7%, 2 percentage points higher than in 2013 20.4%, but in fact a year after graduating from college true to the business of people less than 2%! The gap is over 10 times in the crowd! In 2015 the proportion of entrepreneurial intention is 23% and beyond 13.2% to the nearly 10 percentage points to