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in March this year, Yelp successfully listed on the NYSE

thanks for this time, for Ali mother recommended site, there is support for the activities of the award! In order to thank you, is now a grand launch of the recommended website, there is an upgraded version of the Award activities, recommended awards at the awards!


below for interview summary:

as long as you recommend the number of sites reached 10, you can get 50 yuan cash reward on the basis of the original recommended income. If you recommend more websites, there are more cash rewards. The rewards are as follows:

      analysis of the upgrading of the mom just want to put the activities to a more climax, will give up this promotion award 20 yuan each registered in the webmaster friends, mom again remind you one in front of you, don’t be lazy to continue efforts. This is Ali mother promotion trick, so we can find that every mom in law: Mom, Alibaba, An important juncture of life and death, Zhimakaimen:

but with the expansion of the company, the cost is still higher than advertising revenue. The site does not charge users. Yelp expects revenues this year to reach $136 million 900 thousand. In November 1st, Yelp reported a loss of $2 million in the third quarter, down from the same period last year. The company’s shares fell 15% on the first trading day after the earnings release. It’s the biggest drop since Yelp went public in March.

had this idea for the first time


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where do you fund the site,

‘s idea of creating an Yelp web come from,

"the Wall Street journal" in the United States this week to review site Yelp founder Jeremy Pullman Stowe combined with · Jeremy Stoppelman of the interview. Stowe Pullman revealed the creation of Yelp, how to increase revenue, and how to help businesses will be poor into a better customer service.

if you recommend 80 websites, then your income is 80*20 + 50 + 150, +300 = 2100! How many websites do you recommend now? What are you waiting for?

note: cash awards and recommended income are settled together, 10

when did you feel it was really promising,

so far, more than 33 million reviews of doctors, restaurants, flower shops, car shops and other service companies have been released on Yelp. Last month, Yelp bought its German counterpart, Qype. In September, Yelp launched in Singapore, the company’s first foray into asia. Mobile app search accounted for 45% of Yelp search volume, but also contributed to the growth of Yelp.


Marx · Max Levchin, PayPal; Levchin founder. He through MRL venture gave us $1 million to start the money. Simmons and I had determined this idea at a lunch in the afternoon to Levchin is introduced.

      Ali mother the next time we see it as a An important juncture of life and death!

founded Yelp, Tito Pullman or Harvard Business School students. He happened to have flu when he explored promising pioneering ideas. In the search process, he found the opportunity, then set up Yelp. MRL Vc firm gave him $1 million in funding, and he launched the site in October 2004 with Simmons ·, a former PayPal colleague, and Simmons Russ.

  number of websites   reward amount   10   50   30   150   60   300   500

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      yesterday received the e-mail sent by Ali mother, Ali mother recommended promotional activities promotion notice, the promotion of this activity do not know whether it can stimulate our webmaster classmates again. Let’s take a look at this upgrade, there is a general description of the content, coupled with a bit of my personal view.

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      Ali mother struck again I think not like Ali mother recommended award activity to launch so lethal, I think this upgrade campaign launched just let those master earn more money, and we only birds watching others make money:

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when I was in business school, I took part in the incubator. When I was ill, I needed to see a doctor. I was very disappointed when there was very little information on the internet. We are aware of, look for a doctor or other service is the best way by word of mouth.

below Ali mother content: