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Li: mobile phones have become the trend of all Internet Co. I think every company’s CEO should be personally on the mobile phone.

question: YY can learn a foreign language. The mobile phone is not to PPT. Lee. Congratulations to you and your team. I think the foreign language education YY have great potential. I do not know whether to join Lee distance education teacher education forum and city departments together, let more students enjoy free YY foreign language training

Li: we won’t make any special changes. No matter whether a company is listed or not, it is the most important to have a foothold in its own business. Listing is just adding some hands to doing business

YY company on the evening of 21 in the U.S. NASDAQ IPO listing, the first trading day opening price of $10.5, the closing price of $11.31, compared with the issue price of $10.5, up 7.71%. Play the game CEO Li Xueling on the morning of 22 at the Sina micro interviews with friends, talk about YY ice listed on the road. I us shares will interview finishing as follows

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

question: after the listing, what are your company and the team’s follow-up plan or transformation?

China Advertising Association interactive network committee recently established, the interactive network will have a scientific and leading industry standards. The Commission aims to promote interactive marketing based on interactive media such as the Internet, mobile phones, research and standardize interactive advertising network marketing model, in order to gradually establish an interactive network advertising industry standard system.

Li: the most afraid of being a company is that there are only enemies in the eyes and no goals. I think YY should have a clear vision of what the company should be like two years from now and what to do after three years. What kind of company will we be in five years from now?. Never put your eyes on others. The more you stare at others, the more you lose yourself. Go your own way.

question: first of all, Congratulations! I want to ask YY if he wants to kill .

Li: YY has no direct competition with WeChat. The core goal of YY is to help a group of people communicate via the Internet in real time. Our goal is to describe in English a more appropriate Engage People.

question: the use of YY has gone far beyond the range of game speech. Other industries, is that what you expected at that time,

: we must do well in education. We hope to reduce the overall cost of education through the internet. Education is our social responsibility.


Li: we’ve always felt that voice would be an important Internet application, but it’s a bit of a surprise to be on such a massive platform. We hope that in the future, we can provide more services and make YY a basic platform to help many products. Also create a win-win core product culture.

question: will the next phase of the YY shift the focus to the mobile phone user experience?

question: your choice shows great personality charm, I would like to ask YY in the next mobile Internet will have what direction? How to treat WeChat