Huang Taiji is so bad why do we still vote for himResults network participated in CO sponsored the


used to be an investment manager, and the survey partners were more likely to come forward on several key occasions, looking at the materials, listening to the reports, and talking about terms, which might be the main mode of work for the partners.

from Shanghai Owners Association SWP, Wang Chenyun honorary chairman chief planner of the "2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference" ushered in the second signing of cooperation partner network as the results of grassroots conference co organizer of. The two sides signed the contract on January 3, 2008, and the two sides expressed their willingness to cooperate for a long time.


Shanghai webmaster fellowship welcomes more businessmen to cooperate with grassroots conference. The grassroots conference will provide high quality services to sponsors, give them excellent returns and establish long-term partnerships with the Shanghai webmaster fellowship.


and now, in the WeChat circle of friends, you can easily understand the project near distance founder, so now the investment has been judged by the impact of the mobile internet.

webmaster Association
in January 4, 2008

today, we will invest decision to do a complete review, this is the past thinking summary, if Huang Taiji investment is successful, so we hope to be able to extract more from the experience and rules, if the development of the future investment decision that is not successful, we also hope to learn more a lesson from.

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finally, thanks again for the support of the results network to the grassroots conference. The co participation of the results network provides sufficient funding for ensuring the "2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference" and provides further protection.

at present, the preparation of the grassroots conference is progressing smoothly, there are two partners formally signed, and several partners are negotiating. Registration of participants site has more than 400, has reached and exceeded the expected number of grassroots conference, according to the date when there is still a large number of sites are in registration. Participants have expressed the hope that such a long meeting, and wish the grassroots conference a complete success!

in the collection of many circles of feedback for he Chang, he Chang’s circle of friends and Huang Taiji, micro-blog has become the main channel for us to understand and judge entrepreneurs.

quickly learn about entrepreneurs,

of our team and he Chang is not dealt with, but he Chang teacher, Professor Li Shanyou CEIBS entrepreneurship camp who always said this guy is good, and the coated Hongchuan highland capital investment style has always been cautious, they are to He Chang endorsement, the first for me to have left a good first impression.

He Chang

is now WeChat, micro-blog has become an important platform for DD after due diligence and investment management, you can always see the entrepreneurs in what to do, what is in the passions at a glance, some even sleep, when all the time to master.

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industry, VC is a growth in the complex industry, to find the law from the case we are committed to the pursuit of the realm.

first, Huang Taiji is cast, cast the man

is that the entrepreneur has passion


as of December 2007, and the results of network cooperation website breakthrough 6, more than 500 customers, topics related to society and economy and IT, education, sports, entertainment and many other areas, attracting hundreds of millions of PV and diversiform Internet users every day.

, first of all, Huang, he is the man. Almost all VC will say that the investment formula is "people + business model"".

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CHANet results network profile:

just imagine, this all-weather, small dead angle adjustment mode, which is the traditional due diligence way comparable to the

/ Peng Zhiqiang,


CHANet Network China Affiliate network is China’s most advanced results reward network advertising platform according to the final advertising effect of charging. On the basis of the Japanese version, and in combination with the characteristics of the Chinese market, it was officially launched in 2005. It is the first technology mature reward network advertising platform in china.

why investment is the key point of Huang Taiji, three.

Huang Gang for white-collar small groups near, safe and healthy eating rigid demand, the establishment of the public catering category BELLE mode.

Huang Taiji, in the past two years, the Internet business circle is a hot vocabulary, but also a topic that is often debated.

is a professional investment institutions to find good Huang Taiji, the logic and arguments convince yourself with a low valuation of the investment in the debate, Huang Taiji, this is our investment team in the past 3 months of work.


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