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legitimate and not flooded responsibility. Power and responsibility are equal, since it is leader, power should not be said. But whether it can come forward at the critical moment, the team will not give up any difficulties encountered, and the problem is not to shirk responsibility. For an excellent leader, the sense of responsibility is the first.

long-term and broad vision. Open and easy to define, that is, involving many fields, hobbies, and everything will understand a little. But in the long run is a Different people, different views. problem. In general, few people are able to predict the future trend so accurately, and see the trend". But the great founder of enterprises, must be able to do this: Joe closer that personal computer would change the world, Joe closer that intelligent mobile phone will change the world, so there is a Apple Corp and iPhone. So a good leader should at least be a person with a dream and a vision of the future.

technical talent is a bit complicated. You need to see the team configuration. The average number of start-up companies is not too large, but technology should be large, because they are really "working". If the economic strength is enough, there must be not only a strong technical ability, but more importantly, know how to form a team and train new people

it is understood that in recent years, the growth rate of domestic high-speed search engine market with more than 30% annually, up to 06 in the first half of this year, has accounted for the entire Chinese network marketing market share of 30%, a large number of brands and advertisers are concerned about the effect of entering the market or increase investment. However, the search engine click cost as the price becomes more intense and artificially high price factors such as rising influence, click fraud by the PPC profit model, customers have more and more problems need to be solved in effect and service. On this issue, Chen Yueqing believes that the "search engine marketing is not a panacea, the entire industry is entering the service oriented market from extensive market, advertisers, advertising companies and search engines are facing new challenges. Well, with an open mind, we look forward to working with more search engines, marketing services and agents in the industry. In the early stages of promotion, "good Jesus" will join hands with some partners to use SmartKeyword platform, and promote the efficiency of search engine marketing and service with practice." ZD

days ago, good advertising network leading professional interactive marketing services company announced that its products SmartKeyword website officially launched, the good Lord will use the network platform to provide customers with more convenient services for the integration of online and offline.

first of all, you need to understand that the core of an entrepreneurial team is team leadership. In general, what the investment community is most concerned about is the leader, not the project. So a good leader should be what kind of? Whether it is Gates or Jonny, despite his personal temperament an engineer temperament, a product manager, is the way to work or temperament Gates himself used line code, Joe closer is that people do have to say goodbye greatly different. But in general, some of its essential qualities must be necessary.

courageous courage. Since the industry is excellent entrepreneurial team, that is, to make nothing out of nothing, others believe that impossible to do, we have to do well. The road ahead is covered with thorns. Where to go?. A lot of theentrepreneurial team in the business model, product design and even hiring Tiren discuss financing problem is always endless, who cannot persuade, like a headless fly like. Extremely easy to cause confusion within the team, business stagnation, but also a major factor in the failure of the entrepreneurial team. A good leader will choose to be assertive and act decisively when critical. Whether it’s through persuasion or coercion, an excellent leader can convince the team and maintain a strong executive power. These are bound to be based on a sense of responsibility.

secondly, the other members of the team,

coordination and organization skills. Zhirenshanren, allocation of team members work according to ability and the characteristics of each person is reasonable, coordination between the members of the work of various departments. Establish the mechanism of enterprise operation and company culture.

SmartKeyword is a good effect of marketing advertising and marketing tools based on search engine launched this year, mainly applicable to the search engine advertisers and advertising agents, the system not only realizes the optimization of the mainstream shlf1314, including sh419, Yahoo, Sogou, search engine keyword advertising, management, statistics and analysis of effect. At the same time series user behavior on keyword advertising from exposure, click to the final effect in the process of investment returns that keyword advertising, and further optimize the key delivery strategies to achieve advertising activities to maximize the effect. "Yeah," said Chen Yueqing, director of search engine marketing, in an interview. "Good Lord is committed to seamlessly linking advertisers to the actual requirements of the results and the search engine advertising media platform.". Promote the sustainability of marketing campaigns and achieve win-win results with search engine service providers and search engine agents through professional services from the entire team."