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"Haidian book city pedestrian street", in the next few years will be in the minds of people to replace Zhongguancun Venture Street, and the first gathering of entrepreneurship in this street is Su, the garage coffee. In the spring of 2011, the Soviet Union, to find Zhongguancun a less expensive place to rent opened this cafe, because he has found the "Beijing investment entrepreneurs are too scattered, looking for an entrepreneur you need to open your car for a few hours, the old Beijing traffic jam, a day won’t see two entrepreneurs."

cafes entrepreneurs, many have stood up and greeted the Su, called the "old Su Su" or "boss". It was like a movie "Longmen inn"

Su, seem to be familiar with every guest garage coffee, stop introduces "some of them came every day, the bespectacled programming boy is only 18 years old, he started programming from the age of 12, now in a new project. The couple turned out to be in the beef business, and the garage began to work as a bitcoin media. To introduce you to a laboratory out of Harbin Institute of technology entrepreneurs, he invented the motor may subvert the electric car industry, his motor motor Tesla on smaller than 20% last year, and I said I felt he was bragging, but yesterday had brought a prototype…

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Su, said he is a utopian plot, he found that entrepreneurs are a special group of strange people, these people need a pure "Utopia" to growth.


, in the summer of 2014, spent three years as the first garage coffee in the concept of "start-up coffee shop" and was in deep encirclement this spring". Garage coffee is outside the street walk Haidian book city, the only two hundred meters of the street, a short span of three years has gathered 3W coffee, "entrepreneurs" dark horse global roadshow center, Pegasus brigade, Bingo coffee with the same garage coffee concept entrepreneurs gathering place.

I dark horse visited the garage on Thursday afternoon, 800 square meters of space still overcrowded, basically entrepreneurs.

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, which has been in the garage on the 2 floor of Xin Ding Hotel, is somewhat primitive and rough, and the garage is rather shabby now compared with the newly decorated and striking new arrivals.

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"I think this is very good, and they do not have what garage competition, as long as the street can let the entrepreneurs have gathered on the line" the founder of the garage coffee Su lit a Chinese, to the sofa, speaking in a standard Beijing said: "I have seen thousands of entrepreneurs" now, that’s interesting, I do not intend to rely on the garage profit, do not intend to expand. In fact, there are many people who want to invest in garages, but they have always been good, because they are pure."



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