Chinese’s richest woman who is Zhou Qunfei From working girl to 46 billion 600 million worthAccordin


, who will become the new richest woman in China, Ms. Zhou Qunfei, has worked in Shenzhen for many years and has only been 45 years old.

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talks about the annual salary of the richest woman in the future, and it is also a "day"

female Hurun rich list shows that 33 year old Yang Huiyan wealth of 44 billion yuan won the "richest woman" the throne, the 73 year old Chen Lihua maintained second to 40 billion yuan, for two consecutive years to become the Chinese start empty-handed’s richest woman, is the world’s richest woman, 57 years old start empty-handed; Zhang Yin to 29 billion yuan ranked third, ranked China and global start empty-handed female Regal second. Obviously, once the blue technology listed, the Chinese women’s richest man’s position is likely to become a stock market value of 46 billion 600 million yuan zhou.

looked at Taobao off the fiery speculation, whether in ADMIN5 or in the Ali Mama forum everywhere is a monthly income of tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of Posts filled with their own eyes, see more will not allow himself to do some Taobao customers very profitable ideas, or how there will be so much a month thousands or even tens of thousands, but when you really get the registered account code when they know that is not the case, the background of a few months is still called zero, and even his own website hh6.5d6d was not much traffic now were left without a trace, busy day promotion around the post, but in the end the income did not increase, the input to the original page, toss me here There is not much left., is not to say that Taobao does not make money off Well, how, I didn’t mean that, I just said I’m not suited for this, not suitable for popularization. Comparison of our website is not specifically for Taobao customers and the establishment of the site, not for what, so I will not go on the road for a long time, because the premise of himself No.

this is a revenue of more than ten billion "Big Mac" company, set a number of gem first title. Some media statistics found that blue Synopsys record revenue, net profit first, total assets first, first the total share capital after the first, the proportion of controlling shareholders first, the chairman of the remuneration of the first and six "first".

Abstract: according to the IPO stir practice, LAN Si climbed to 45 times the valuation for the probability of the event, Zhou Qunfei nearly 90% stake in calculation, its value may be around 45 billion, or $44 billion China beyond former richest woman Yang Huiyan.

Zhou’s personal worth or up to 46 billion 600 million yuan, more than Yang Huiyan

these two days, a former "unknown" woman fire.

in fact everybody was busy making money, but the money the way and mode are different, on the website, pull advertising, rely on the service charge, as the image of the king as ADMIN5 in some areas has formed its own unique brand. Only by traffic do alliance, do some commodities, some foreign projects and so on, too much, but these models are not adapt to all you do, even if you know some patterns than you now make Wangzhuan model much more. If a website can be called is standing on it, so I was a little webmaster, do some stations, large and small together a lot, but no one to take the shot site GG earned by advertising it, looked at the background of GG never change the numbers, look at their side of those engaged in certain items of friends, I have ideas, think of yourself why not do. But this is not the case.

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surprising is that, although the blue chip technology, but it is a highly concentrated equity enterprises – major shareholders of almost all equity holders, can not see those accustomed to the PE. According to the company’s prospectus shows that Zhou Qunfei and Zheng Junlong couple together hold 99.09% of the shares before the listing of the company, which holds 97.69% week Qunfei, her husband Zheng Junlong holds 1.40%.

talked about money and you may not unfamiliar, or as a webmaster no heart not to make money, just as a webmaster Wangzhuan in the ranks of the tip of the iceberg, a lot of ways of making money, this means simply have the webmaster and closely related to many kinds of way to make money online, but not you know the way to make money, but even know you may not be able to rely on this model to make their own money, make money to you.

March 10th, the technology will be purchased online, and successfully landed after the gem, chairman Zhou Qunfei is likely to become the new woman’s richest man

according to brokerage estimates, the market value of blue thinking technology is likely to rise to 53 billion yuan, while Zhou Qunfei’s personal value will reach 46 billion 600 million yuan.

IPO stir practice, LAN Si climbed to 45 times the valuation for the probability of the event, Zhou Qunfei nearly 90% stake in calculation, its value may be around 45 billion, or $44 billion China beyond former richest woman Yang Huiyan.

but different from those of the richest man of inheritance, she is from the first lady start empty-handed – this is a quite inspiring young generation of inspirational story! But at the same time, the technology behind the blue Si listing also left a lot of puzzles and disputes.