Four start up companies Haste makes waste do not let the company hang out earlyElite Curve Wrecker

Zhang Zitao has always insisted on making investments "weak three thousand yipiao" principle, yipiao means not indulge too much. He said his ability is limited, time is limited, can not earn all the money in the world, can not see all of the world’s industry, he can do is to do their own good and willing to study in several areas, such as electricity, medical care, travel, and in these areas gradually formed their own investment style.

players who do not participate in this game have no choice: if you are not quick, you are instantly exceeded by your opponent.

and can persist for a long time, after the baptism of time, will form their own brand, shape >

this sentence because Lei Jun’s constant reference, and many entrepreneurs chase and recognized. Indeed, for the emerging Internet industry such as if, and large companies and not well quickly onrush, is actually a kind of risk. Lei Jun’s most successful angel investment is one of the projects, play the game network CEO Li Xueling also wrote on micro-blog: "the entrepreneur should have a growth of ten times a year or the courage, but also create what the industry." A remark, flashing ten times the survival of entrepreneurial wisdom.

three thousand and then take a cup of water, and time to make friends "

in this case, the player who participates in the game has no choice: it must be fast, and if you are not quick, you are instantly exceeded by your opponent. But miserable is that this kind of game is actually only a few game player, only the top three companies have high probability of being the capital of fancy, packaging market; the other is fast, either on the way or automatic winding, or run out of ammunition and food supplies, final sale.

first: follow the trend of fast


Zhang Zitao holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Tsinghua University, a master of economics from the Kellogg School of business at the Northwestern University, and a Ph. D. in transportation planning and operations research at the Northwestern University.

many "fast companies" do not die in the early morning of entrepreneurship, but die from the rapid development of the midday.

first impression Zhang Zitao is young but not impetuous, energetic but not sincere, like his love singer Zhao Lei’s "ideal" in the lyrics, "not hypocritical, is true".

isn’t for everyone. Wang Mei Group is recognized as a new generation of entrepreneurial standard bearer, the U.S. group also considered the most sustained growth of the group purchase company, but before the founder of the U.S. delegation, Wang Xing had founded school, haineiduo company, are sold to end. To buy, for example, the most sad reminder of the group treasure. Despite the current CEO, the spring thunder is still in one place

has so many example inspired the company’s line, Chinese Internet entrepreneurs are consciously the first time "to learn", or even directly copy the latest business model in the United States: video fire, 3000; group purchase fire, thousands of war; Color into a high price, the China in Pinterest; red hot so, a website falls flow; Path fire, and claimed to be China Path everywhere???

The fate of the

likes paper books, because they prefer something with texture, not impetuous, and not pushy, because they have their own love and attention. Real estate fund investment director Zhang Zitao’s taste and personality.

‘s real estate fund, Zhang Zitao worked in the old management consulting firm Booz&, Company and sh419 investment, respectively, as consulting manager and investment director.

but it’s an interesting topic that can’t be achieved quickly without asking for it. In my view, the following four cases will be more haste, less speed, and even a lot of early companies will hang up.

and the real fund began 10 years ago. Zhang Zitao has been in Xu Xiaoping, who founded the New Oriental Professor TOEFL related courses, during the tenure of sh419, because the real funds to invest in their friends project, introduced by friends, he joined the real fund. "It was 10 years ago that we made friends and now bear fruit."." Zhang Zitao said.

world martial arts, the only fast not broken.

Before joining

China Internet has always been the western learning, is always C2C Copy to China: portal learned from YAHOO, Taobao copy eBay, Jingdong at Amazon, sh419 claimed to be Chinese shlf1314, Tencent headed products first name is OICQ, a direct tribute to ICQ, and all that is Chinese Youku will most probably it did not actually happen the Facebook and Youtube in the American capital market.

In the ?

likes Zhao Lei because Zhang Zitao doesn’t think Zhao Lei is impetuous. He’s really a songwriter and his songs are very popular. ‘it’s like investing,’ says Mr. Zhang Zitao. ‘in the areas where you can do it, try to throw good projects and create business value.’".

in the real fund during the period, Zhang Zitao led investment ofo shared bicycle, social security, science and technology, science and technology potential Yu Chi charge, Chaomeng data, Lyncmed, basic medicine, and refused to horizon project core shopping spree.

A game like

interview, Zhang Zitao frequently referred to "time and friends", in his view, time is a good thing, it can achieve quantitative change to qualitative leap. He recalled his first work, a man surnamed Su uncle once said a word: "your image in the eyes of others, are formed after a certain period of time, so don’t worry about a performance, more important is to choose the values and should adhere to a code of conduct." Although it is a very humble words, but it has been affecting Zhang Zitao, but also later Zhang Zitao investment always reluctant to short-term opportunistic, hot pursuit of investment reasons.