Network push bride personal website fast profitable two kinds of network channel

the Internet every day or even thousands of tens of thousands of birth sites, as personal webmaster every day around the search engine, to obtain certain flow and then transformed into a value, then can effectively put revenue flow into actual? Network push the bride according to changes in their own website to analyze the practical income the current form of personal webmaster (Master passing new tutorial):

current individual stations can be broadly divided into two categories: business stations, living stations.

the term "business" refers to providing your own technical services, or selling a certain product. For example, currently provide website optimization, SEO, network promotion and other services of some web sites. The specific revenue comes from the provision of technical services or sales of products.

the so-called "life station": according to their personal preferences or net friend preferences, gathered a part of the same hobby Internet users website, or regional website. The basic income of such websites comes from advertising sponsorship and advertising alliances.

so these two sites for the realization of the interests of the discount? The first class (flow + service = income), second (flow + ad = income), roughly the same premise is the flow, Tokyo bride said flow is effective flow, can realize the potential customer switching traffic flow is another seemingly Alexa upgrade that use certain software or technical means, each brush platform can achieve the transformation of real interest rate.

then how to get effective traffic: crowd positioning + effective promotion?.

is not difficult to crowd positioning for the first class website, because the first class website itself provides services, to serve the needs of the people can be, for example she network marketing training institute, to provide network marketing training and other related services, keywords associated way so the effective flow of access is optimized, and the precise needs of such services crowd. Promotion.

and the second kind of website is gathered according to the hobby, then the topic is the guarantee which gathers the crowd. Then how to advertise and advertise? The Internet pusher bride provides the following effective publicity models and forms of advertising:

effective publicity is through accurate advertising, achieve arrival rate and conversion rate, according to the crowd positioning website propaganda, effective mode has: QQ group mail, SNS group, paste it, bbs.

, QQ group mail, QQ is the same hobby together share the same amount technology or service groups gathered, this kind of propaganda do not send the advertisement in the group, try to use the QQ group mail, the arrival rate is almost 100%, unless he is rejected. After the arrival of the general pop-up box to remind the new mail, the rate of opening up, general mail marketing to be high, the key lies in the accurate positioning of groups, high conversion rate.

two, SNS group, the reason is basically the same, are the same crowd gathered, a reasonable way to guide conversion rates are very high.

three, paste it, >