Flowing experience the bottleneck of three dimensional fitting website

smooth browsing usage, which is a good site must factor, especially for shopping e-commerce sites. Consumers don’t waste time waiting for a product page to be opened slowly unless your product is unique or the price is optimal and he needs the product urgently. As he mentioned "4 hits" theory, click on the shopping process more than 4 times, the proportion of consumers will descend in series. This is not to say that every online consumer can only contribute 4 clicks to a web site, but that all consumers need to use fluency. This requirement, even if some have been successful e-commerce sites, shopping sites are difficult to achieve.

, what about the fluency of the 3D fitting website? Let’s look at the fitting class website first.

fitting websites such as face72, pat, and 41go all offer the online B/S model. What this model appeals to is changing clothes online. Through the flash technology to achieve, using multi angle shooting and picture bonding, such sites have achieved a model change angle observation. Some of them can even adjust the body data and stretch the picture of the model. More outstanding, you can stretch the corresponding parts of the model while stretching.

from the user experience point of view, flash technology basically meets the consumer online implementation of the "tie-in experience" purposes, to provide users with online fitting experience only stay at the "look" this level. Even the replacement of the head, pictures and body deformation, the graphic character is still not a strong sense of substitution.

from the aspect of fluency, from flash technology fitting and buy clothes, even if the user selects a collocation, still have to go to find the appropriate clothing orders. But its advantage is that browsing speed is relatively fast, and it doesn’t need to take up too many resources.

as a whole, the flash technology’s flat fitting (although many sites claim to be three-dimensional, but still flat flash) is smooth and experienced.

again, "three dimensional fitting."".

Okbig finally let everyone in the new year when they saw the "online three-dimensional fitting" products. Although the site does not explain, but obviously, this product is not mature enough, but also not perfect, should be the test version.

objectively speaking, okbig this thing is far less than do online mvm. The first is fluency. With my machine and speed, access to MVM in the United States is much faster than in the okbig at home. Second is the sense of experience. Because there is no clothing, and can not add clothing, so it is not fitting experience. The model did do, but it wasn’t real enough. However, the biggest drawback is the rotation of the model angle, only the right and right, 45 degrees strabismus, right and back of the 4 angles. If I hadn’t seen him