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these 2 days to sort out his blog, has published about more than 100 bowen. The quality is good or bad, but they are willing to share with you. I also to my blog re positioning, and pay attention to grassroots Adsense development. Here’s a little ad for myself. I’m Chang Xiaofeng. Welcome to subscribe to my blog. Want to talk about the grassroots dilemma today, we live in where.

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webmaster’s Web site heralds a brief

of the webmaster’s life cycle

why does the author say this? Recently, with the cancellation of the A5 signature bits and the information portal, IT news has been stepped down. The topic of post – Grassroots times has been around us. Many friends feel that grassroots webmaster has really begun to decline. A person standing on the Internet Hong Chaozhong was blown and injured all over the body. I’ve been listening to several YY training courses recently, mostly training courses for new station owners. As can be seen, every day there are a few people began to join the webmaster to this circle. But more people go, not long ago, Sina technicians transition to sell fruit, people change, live very happy and happy. Finally summed up a sentence: "now, the life cycle of the webmaster is getting shorter and shorter, and a webmaster is doing it quickly, and pouring is also fast."."

grassroots webmaster faces multiple difficulties surrounded folder

has experienced 5 years, the webmaster experience, I have to publish emotion, and now the grassroots do stand really not as simple as before and easy. It’s getting harder and harder to make money. Today in the station of a row of BBS, open to a friend published "to Baidu a letter" article, you can see the current grassroots webmaster predicament. The general content is this. This friend has made a movie station, changed three spaces, can guarantee own website to be able to operate normally the collection. (here a lot of grassroots webmaster even choose their own space for information can not be found. I want to criticize those so-called webmaster portals, what are you doing?. Finally, the site was on the line, because there was a conflict with the previous space providers, so that the previous space business customer service to his web site to report. Led Baidu to block his station, and to drop the right.

has to say, I sympathize with the webmaster friend and communicate with him. Now his station, Baidu, has been cancelled. But still down the right, in which the story of the transition, we should be very clear. I said to him again, "all this is just the beginning, and there will be more trouble, copyright issues, security issues and so on."." "I asked him why he insisted," he replied. I was so touched: "just because one of my members left a message for me, I haven’t seen the fastest update movie site for a long time."." Among them, the insistence on just such a user to bring him moved. Summing up a sentence: "our insistence is only because of the user, the website gives us encouragement and support."."

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