My back was black like college lessons

not long ago in the A5 issued a "painful experience of site a month to prepare the establishment of a friend" in June 11th, constantly update, modify the original pseudo original, Baidu, on Thursday morning, I finally included "my back to college" website, although not included page, the page is 200+, but fortunately, Baidu finally remembered me, really not easy. In the station after 20 days, I can not stop the update of the original, the original update ratio of about 2-5%/ days and this is of course to QQ space random search space of the original article, why do you want to find articles in the QQ space, because at that time some people say Baidu is not cold to see in the A5 QQ space inadvertently so, try holding the mentality.

so far, I really do not know whether those reprinted articles played an effect, so those who did not included, may wish to try.

in the afternoon of 11, I was in a state of excitement and positive exchange links with other people, and just the other side of the link is done, he suddenly asked me: "what site you do ah, what things are not?" I thought it a joke with each other, the results open a look at the website, over, really is what data are not, all the links are pointing to a fantasy XX website, I found. Then I thought it might be black, and I was really unlucky… Also hate those who don’t do stand, engage in crooked ways.

because of the lack of backup data, so what have to start again, so the new Adsense, pay attention to your own website data backup, so as to avoid rookie and my experience, basically a month’s work was so lost. Maybe it’s also a good thing, at least not far from where I started. I know how to avoid it when I walk down the road. Can only comfort myself.

later, in the webmaster group I joined, a friend helped me look at it and told me that the data was completely deleted and that my management account was not available. Data are deleted, where there are accounts you can log on?.

hey, helpless, so new friends, do not do a website to pass up that can be opened, it is best to find those people test your website there is no loophole, site safety is the first. And backup data every day. Finally, don’t install messy programs on the site. Maybe those things have horses.

on the station, and exchange links with friends, if you see, please contact me quickly. QQ:535067398


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