Ten new experiences in Web Design for 08 years

the Internet has been changing, and a group of experts summed up the rules that today’s web designers must follow. (Matt Vela) the emergence of the Internet reflects its powerful power, it not only changed the way people work, and even change people’s way of dating. It can be said that it made the world play a roller coaster, and it made everyone dizzy. Microsoft, Netscape and other companies have begun browser competition, and competition for network standards is also unfolding. At the same time, with the emergence of Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, the network pays more attention to collective intelligence and socialization. From soaring to depression to taking off again, money is circulating madly, and the development of the Internet industry seems to be at an end.

networks also attract religious communicators, theorists, etc. many of them predict that the Internet will bring new technologies – Jini, DHTML, and others – but none of them will emerge. But the seemingly simple technologies – Metadata, XML, and CSS – have made a breakthrough. The development of web design application from HotWired to Google all has continued constantly, sometimes seems to be contradictory, but completely changed the internet.

, in order to make things clearer, BusinessWeek.com has lobbied a number of prominent people on the Internet to sum up some of the web design specifications. Participants are Internet theorists, Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group partners, NYTimes.com design director, Khoi Vinh and John Maeda, Rhode Island Design School President, President-elect and so on. The ten pages of the 2008 web design discipline are summarized in our survey.

1, don’t abuse Flash

The animation technology of

Adobe makes the Internet more powerful, from Nike’s very exaggerated home page to many web pages used by advertisers, Banner. But this technology is very easy to abuse. Too many animations are not only impractical, but also slow down the user’s Web browser.

2, don’t let ads hide the content of your web site

indeed, advertising is vital to the survival of the site, but the research shows that the pop-up ads and full page ads once blocked the website, that their utility will be greatly reduced, but also affect whether readers will return. An ad that can be extended according to the reader’s needs will be more appropriate.

3, don’t make web pages look disorganized,

web pages are a hodgepodge, but a web without a rational structure often makes it difficult to navigate information. Amazon.com defines clarity at the top of the page as the most important standard in the design process.