Website creation is essential

the operation of a website, in addition to the necessary way to make money, SEO technology, a station experience, I personally think that the creation of the website, creativity is very important.

my personal writing on the website code above is a stranger, can be said that he knew me, but I don’t know him a lot when I really regret it when reading all day long bubble sister caused by the loss, really want to live again, young once, do not talk nonsense so much to me today a share, is my website software ideas, but also can be said to be the site’s planning.

one, the site’s running, games, pictures are not the focus, integral upgrade is not attractive.

is now a lot of Web sites, is what website is running the entertainment space, or is the MiTo area, have a one-sided view that can be through games, pictures or other ways to attract more popular website, admittedly, would also appeal to some people, but a real website. Operation, regardless of large sites, small sites, should be creative. For example, he can use QQ as a means to upgrade, upgrade the real QQ actually have much use? And why him? Because he has become a tool of communication, people do not upgrade to what pleasure does care about his reasons, but for. So I’m not talking about QQ here, but what should a website do?

two, discount is not the end, shopping is the end.

many shopping sites, by a simple shopping points to improve their grades, and do not know, this has caused a lot of people want a discount but also suffer from a higher threshold, and now there is a new line, net bargainer, a new industry, but refused to discount, and so on at the door.

three, creativity is infinite, it depends on how to plan to play,


first I have to say I am not a professional planner, maybe you can’t talk about what I was planning on their website small creative ideas from my several years of hard work in the network, I played a lot of games, but every game, usually only play thirty or forty to do entertainment, have some fun with the forum, I understand their merit, I recently called a creative resources on the Internet a fun shopping upgrade, enjoy the same level to improve the level of discount shopping website. On the website, I have obviously felt the amusement, the entertainment, the expense as a whole, and moreover, the website entrepreneurial essence, has raised the very big thought path.


site was originally a multi industry, for me this code IQ of 0 entrepreneurs, I think as much as possible to attract more users, first you have to have a suitable upgrade your own website, and then you will be the site and your shopping platform combined, so that users of a combination you can enjoy different sites of different membership discount.

creative is unlimited, in fact, there are many webmaster!