Grass roots webmaster you choose lonely or not lonely

has rich people, have high talent; someone knowledgeable, someone sophisticated; some people in positions of wealthy people, fame and incomparable scenery. Height is different, pursuit is different, harvest is different. Each like this, I always feel a lot of hard work, as a diligent webmaster, perhaps forever, we only came in behind the scenes, and loneliness…

I began to contact the site in the winter four years ago, that year, the day was cold, I was decadent. Just lovelorn, I closed myself up, do not want to go to class, play football, go to the cafeteria to eat… Keep company with the computer all day long. It was during that time that I met a master, whose name was "no worthy master"". It is very speculative, brief encounter, we talked a lot, he said he was in the hands of website, there are more than 40 stations, income many, many… "I asked you a lot about it," he said, "five figures per month," and I still remember what I was surprised to be… I said, master, you take me, the income of your 10%, I will be satisfied, you are my master! Master said, it is very hard to do web site, you are not afraid of suffering? I say not afraid. Doing a website is very lonely, can you persist? I hesitated for a long time… Lonely this word, I thought only in the lovelorn time appears, does the website to be able to be lonely?. I said, try it, not try, how can I know that I can not do it. So I began to walk the path of the code and the script…

At that time the

is taking the master batch station line, dozens of different pictures hanging on the station, Google code, Baidu know the answer, QQ promotion, blog suction flow. I soon learned, although the income is less than half of the master, but the thought of the daily hundreds of dollars into their Hua when the account is enough to let me sleep wake up with a smile. Unfortunately, Google account frequently good times don’t last long, then K, the search engine included sharp decline in space also began to have problems. So try to transition, information station, movie station, navigation station, station, station English self-help chain one by one to the past, but the climax always passes quickly. So often, that station stack code, regardless of work hard post scene, always make people feel sad, and no heart acid. Talk… It turned out to be lonely. It really made me appreciate it very much,


Master said, not a thing is always the same, we have done very well, in fact, no regrets, you should go for different times. Later, under the advice of experts developed Mlover dating network (, continue to find new junctions.

is a lonely station after all, but used to the company of loneliness, but always will continue to move forward. Perhaps, we still carry that hazy dream. Not the name, not for profit, but to a cavity blood shed their


master "does not deserve to be called a master or a hermit. >