Analysis of the current blog operating new normal

I personally have been used previously in dedecms system, on and off for nearly 3 years, this year officially changed into the form of a blog. Also began to pay attention to the blog industry. Before analyzing Lu Songsong and moonlight blogs, I came up with some conclusions about blogging. Today, let’s look at another case: Mochizuki Hiro.

or other users have to understand the blog, and I learned some time ago Mochizuki blog. Overall, the blog is a personal blog independent good, the operating time is relatively long, about IT technology blog, and the original is very high. Let’s take a look at some of the SEO data on this blog:

is strange, judging from the statistics, Mochizuki blog traffic is not very ideal, and the ranking is not much. I did a detailed analysis:

1, the blog exists for a long time, by 2014, about 6 years or so.

2, the original degree of the blog is very high, and the quality of the article is ok.

3, updated, so far, the article has accumulated about 2-3 articles, for individual independent blog, the number of original articles is not less.

4, the moon blog, have certain long tail flow, but not what many key flow and ranking, according to the experience of red blog, now most every day is 2000-3000 independent blog at IP.

said according to the truth, a continuous update of the original old site, with about 6 years of operation, there should be a lot of traffic and ranking, but in reality it is not so, give the people a bit puzzled, don’t blog or have been the recent full moon right down, it is not. The same moonlight blog, Lu Songsong blog has let a person envy envy hate traffic, but relatively little moon blog. Is this the new normal way of blogging today,


red blog thinks there may be some reason:

as I wrote an article before, "original article is not blog network marketing all," there are good content, but also on the amount of accumulation, but not necessarily can get the corresponding traffic. The blog should be done in the promotion of more conservative. For example, Lu Songsong blog, not only in content and update on the excellent performance, at the same time in blog promotion, but also a lot of effort, so in a short period of time, to build the industry reputation. With fame, has a natural flow; for fame to flow, at the same time to promote the weight and website ranking promotion, and high quality and continuous updating of the original article, the traffic was consolidated and enlarged, forming a virtuous cycle of development.

in the Internet field, the wine is really afraid of deep alley. There is a good content website, the lack of promotion and fame, but also difficult to arouse the attention of users. Once you have a lot of onlookers, Baidu naturally comes to judgment: if it does conform to Baidu rules, and content quality >