How will the forum be operated after Baidu has dropped its rights


site is down right is the one thing that most other webmaster friends headache, real name network marketing forum in this paper about the operation in friends right down after half a year is how to operate, maintain popularity, visits and held related training.

1. Building quality content based on user needs

is the navigation of the interchange forum.

into the network marketing forum members, there are only these needs. The first type is mainly the outer chain, the second is mainly learning knowledge, the third is deeper communication.

for these three types of web browser, the real name BBS is for the hair chain of force, promotion staff established the "chain zone", the forum’s PR value is 4, the hair chain still has its little value.

to want to learn the network marketing knowledge of the user, the forum devoted to the creation of the "self SEO", the use of network marketing channel information from the Internet to collect the data, also after the systematic study of real name forum webmaster made.

current network marketing BBS, mostly is a screen, send the chain, soft hair forced to promote the staff. For some users have deep technology, experience exchange needs, the real name Forum opened a column. The columnist is basically a veteran of the real name forum, or a new blood that has been supplemented by connections. Column compared to the forum section, its post is not easy to sink. Secondly, for the forum’s high-quality post, the webmaster also put its post in the column section, so that the quality of the post is not easy to sink, a lot of soft words.

in addition, the real name forum also encourages members to write original content. Such as the author wrote some articles, thus access to the channel page, a display of advertising spaces car parking locks.

concludes: no matter what forum or web site, it is only for the needs of users to create content, in order to attract users.

two, extended traffic


real name forum mainly relies on the following ways to expand traffic.

1, soft text

real name BBS has a lot of soft Wen writers, I rough statistics, the BBS moderator and core characters in seowhy and other columns of more than 30 people. Many writers in the column self introduction will mention that they are real name forums, moderators, team members and so on. Other writers add forum links directly in the column link area. But the real name forum has several influential elder statesman, also can issue the soft text from time to time, thus promotes the forum brand popularity.

2, links

here Links, mainly divided into one with a single chain. Because the network real name forum jiaoguang, established a friendship relations with the domestic well-known forum Lin Xi Ge, the second station helper, A17 forum and other well-known forum. Secondly, the real name forum, many writers have independent blog, many bloggers will be single