Dove good industry analysis is the prerequisite for an invincible position

talking about the decoration of this industry, I think we have some strange, some are not strange. But if a webmaster talking about the SEO industry, may not unfamiliar now. But if you talk about the SEO decoration industry, we may be a bit confused. Because the decoration industry website optimization work is a very challenging job. Why is he a challenging student? After I analyze, you will know.

everyone before reading this article, you can look at the Baidu search for the decoration of the word, the word should be the one hundred million search volume! A quantifier search so much as a station may not do this one word. Because it doesn’t make much difference. Although there are several web sites to do, Baidu promotion. But we also know that, if customers want to own a house decoration, can not be said, but very few people to search the word search of the word is really the decoration City, or decoration company talent search for the word. So, even if you have the ability to make the word "Baidu" or "Google’s home page", what can you do? The only thing that can show is that you are a very strong person. But I really don’t think it’s easy to do the ranking of the word. Even if you have the time, you have the resources, and you may not be able to do it. Most of the word comes to Baidu, either Sina or Sohu. Otherwise, no one can fight. If as a webmaster, you have to do this word, then I can only say that this webmaster does not understand this industry.

will say next is the industry with network the words, in fact, if not too hot industry, usually with net or keywords with regional, basically do not spend too much time to get a new website keywords do Baidu home page. And as long as you do a little better, you can do Baidu’s home page position. And your news network, decoration nets, building materials nets and so on. These words, though with a mesh or local keyword, but their search volume also want to be big, and often these words do Baidu promotion also quite a lot. There will be at least ten or so. This word is very difficult, if you are a new sites or site outside the chain link or content included not many words, very hard before a few pages on search engine. But, a little, very special. Is your website for the word matching of large, if the matching degree is high, the weight of your website though not particularly high, but the search engine will give the site you have relatively high ranking. This is your victory in other high weight website’s unique skill. Do a good job search engine friendliness, and there is the site to do this keyword matching, this is the fundamental position is invincible.

and then I’ll talk about the regional keywords. For the regional keyword I divided into two to talk about, is a popular word, two is an obscure word. Maybe I might talk more about hot words. Why do you say regional keywords?. Because most of the webmaster or SEO worker now