Micro blog era grassroots Adsense how to get the power of micro blog

at the fifth annual meeting of the webmaster, a word has been mentioned many times, that is "micro-blog"". Micro-blog interactive is the biggest highlight of this session, especially in the lottery section, through the micro-blog to participate in the webmaster have the opportunity to be pumped to get rich prizes, once the general assembly to a climax. The guest speaker, has repeatedly emphasized the power of the micro-blog, Cai Wensheng Chuah even said, "the final outbreak of micro-blog may be the next one to two years, we are in the era of micro-blog, we are likely to witness the outbreak of micro-blog.

what is micro-blog? In short, micro blogging. What is the function? Dissemination of information?. Cai said that micro-blog will eventually erupt in the next one to two years. Individual owners often update, website promotion day quietly, don’t know enough about micro-blog, we are most concerned about is that I can use micro-blog to do what? What micro-blog can bring to me? In the webmaster annual meeting, we see the micro-blog power, the assembly dull no vitality, and this conference by micro-blog. Let the participants with the interaction, how certain guest speakers, the first time in the micro-blog discussion; which topic more attention, out of feedback from micro-blog’s discussion of the first time, this is the power of micro-blog.

if he is a celebrity, he had fans and popularity, the opening of micro-blog naturally has concerns, but if there is no regular updates, attention will gradually weaken, and gradually lose stickiness. Figure Wang said, he now meets micro-blog every day, every time on micro-blog, look at Cai total t.sina.com.cn/caiwensheng update, because he can learn a lot of information from his micro-blog. Cai opened from April 15th to, micro-blog has written 400 micro-blog, most of the latest information and personal dynamics, information has been constantly concerned about, and more and more fans, there have been 120674. Of course, if Cai always through this platform to promote and promote a product and project, the effect is certainly amazing. Through the micro-blog platform, to give fans useful information, but also won the attention of fans, this is a win-win situation.

, if only a regular webmaster, how to have a lot of fans concerned about it, of course, buying fans is not the scope of discussion. Some people say that micro-blog is what it is, and that new advertising is the key to using micro-blog to spread information and ideas. Some people use micro-blog advertising, only a small number of people see, and not necessarily produce the value of advertising. Some people use micro-blog to spread their views and opinions, and if the views are good, they will be broadcast by countless people. The attention will be raised and the popularity will be higher and higher. Of course, how ordinary people add fans, enhance personal influence, update micro-blog, share information, pay attention to others, and so on, and many other ways are still under discussion. The author also recently studied micro-blog, but the popularity is limited, the effect of communication is not obvious, of course, I do not share enough information, micro-blog’s promotion is still under study.

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in the next two years the upcoming micro-blog era, the webmaster how to occupy the market in the Admin5 forum? 3-4 edition chat activity every Thursday afternoon, will explore the power of micro-blog’s "how you are interested in.