People may not need one platform after another but they need communities

if you want to run a community, control members and don’t show superiority in it,

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earlier today, I saw an article in Product Hunt Medium (PH) CEO Ruian · Hoover (Ryan Hoover) of the article, the title is "the world does not need a new blog, but I need" (The world doesn need another blogging platform. But t I did). He earlier questioned the new application Buffalo at PH, which is his latest response.

The questionable application of

is another blog platform, triggering Hoover’s thinking about the need for it. And the follow-up between Hoover and Buffalo developer Drew ·, Wilson (Drew Wilson) dialogue is also wonderful.

Hoover has come up with a blog platform that seems too redundant, and he even loves to use Medium more than his blog, just because Medium is simple and easy to use, and social functions are also very convenient.


"this simple design I love ah, @drewwilson, but I still want to be a cop. Is it necessary to have another blog platform? Why do you want to abandon Medium, Svbtle, Tumblr, and other products to use it?

personally, I’m basically writing articles on Medium because I’m more concerned with pushing [to pinpoint subscribers]. Although its precise extent did not reach the mainstream technology blog TechCrunch like this level, but compared with the, I have a greater content of opportunity there is pushed to new readers, to bring new readers."

please note that Hoover’s first assessment was very positive – he appreciated the simplicity of PH’s design, which was a high opinion. His subsequent statements were made from his own point of view, and his tone was not hostile, and relatively pertinent.

Wilson’s response was great, too:


"@rrhoover, the world really doesn’t need another blog level."