Zhigenzhidi trend The most worthy trend in 2014 is the ghost button


is on the way to 2014, and in the past half year, a number of new design trends have matured and will become mainstream in the coming 2015. Among these design trends, the most impressive one should be the ghost button".

has excellent set new trends in web design past articles "! Have you heard of" ghost "button on the button?" the ghost made a detail description, also collected many tall on the design case "to master learning! 20" outstanding website ghost button "case". That’s right. The ghost button is mature, so today we’ll take a good look at the design trend.

In the New Star Trek, which was launched by

in 2009, UI, the corporate central control system, uses the design element

, the ghost button


then revisit it, what is the ghost of


Ghost is the ghost button, Buttons, is a transparent button, it is usually a rectangular or rounded rectangle, retaining only the basic shape, use the thread to identify the button text within the boundary; usually use slender non text serif fonts, indicating the button function.


ghost button, sometimes called an empty button, is usually designed to be larger than regular buttons. They were named as the "ghost", is this button should be as transparent as ghosts, but unique shape will immediately attract the user’s attention just as the story of a ghost caught the eye.

although you may see ghost buttons in a large number of websites, not all websites are complementary to the ghost button. What really suits the ghost buttons are sites and APP using very simple winds and flat winds, and sites with larger backgrounds are very much the same.

The origin of the

phantom button

although it is difficult to find the single origin of the phantom button, we can identify several important sources. Because of the widespread use of ghost buttons, even users have opened a blog solely on Tumblr to collect relevant design work.


Head-Up Display, that is, HUD, uses optical reflection to project information onto glass, about the height of the eye. It has been used since 60s, when it was used on airplanes, and many cars now have this function. With HUD coming into the public, this function is also in the film and television and games, becoming the vanguard of pop culture.


because the information displayed in HUD needs to be overlapped with the visual field with transparent material, so >