New sites original articles to submit site optimization is beneficial

we all know that the original article is bound to be very popular with search engines, then for a new station. Original article really good? Original article will certainly be favored by Baidu? Xiaobian from the original acquisition techniques into today’s original techniques, the effect can never be better than the collection station, where to go. Every day to optimize the crown web blog original article after the update, to spiders crawling, and then take contribution, we all know that after the success of the manuscript, was reprinted the number is very high. So after being reprinted, is it beneficial to the original site,


A5 contributed successfully

A5 has so far contributed 20 entries.

webmaster contributed


webmaster network has been successfully submitted, passed 11.

laggards contributed successfully,


‘s laggards have already contributed 19 copies to this day.

through different platforms for original writing every day, to be weight spider IP grab, then contribute. Although each time after submission, was reprinted very many times, but the original article has not been released for a long time. Through the recent discovery, was originally weight IP grab article, to their contribution after the success, by many webmaster reprinted, and then observe crawler spider IP type. They found that the original 220.181.108.*ip section of the Baidu spider (spider crawling right) into the 23.125.71.*ip section of the Baidu spider (inferior article catch spiders), this is not their own original articles into the collection of others.

implementation of the original spark plan, really cleaned up a large number of garbage content, many sites have included a lot of decline. But now, should you respect the originality of the original article?. Don’t be reprinted because of the original article, but become them, if really continue this way. So, search engine, you call such a new station webmaster love why, is not forcing the webmaster to continue to collect articles for updates?.

Xiaobian for more than a month, the original article writing and contribution to the new station of the experiment has the following view:

, the first search engine to identify the original ability still suck

second, new sites original content, don’t take contribution. (original recognition ability is very poor, it is easy to post high quality articles as low quality articles after submission)

third, search engines have not yet seen, is to support the original, blow the original, but not false. Original article can not be guaranteed, strict trauma, the original author’s heart.