Talk about how to do the official micro blog operation

when WeChat marketing is in full swing, people may ignore micro-blog, which is more closely related to WeChat. It can be said that very few companies do not have micro-blog accounts, and even Baidu, Tencent and other Internet giants in Sina, micro-blog opened official micro-blog, and always interact with the vast number of micro-blog fans. Therefore, we can see that, despite the marketing of various similar WeChat and so on, but as an important part of the social media, micro-blog is also not to be ignored. This paper will talk about how to do the official micro-blog enterprise operation for small and medium enterprises, do the official micro-blog operation is to promote their brand and products, while the official micro-blog operators exist related skills, mainly from the following aspects.

first, the official micro-blog operation is not simply forwarded. There are many enterprise official micro-blog operators will feel now micro-blog business is still the most forward some small joke or scripts to keep updated and interact with the fans, the fans involved in the problem of interactive discussion and reply. On the one hand, but blindly adopt this form will let fans feel themselves and on the other hand, dull as ditch water, even micro-blog forward and interaction also requires a lot of skills, from the forwarding content, word comment tone and accuracy have some stress, for example, may not grasp the sense of propriety in reply to fans’ questions the fans, misunderstanding and even conflict of poor students.

secondly, to do official micro-blog operations, grasp the content is the key. One of the official micro-blog’s most direct contacts with users is micro-blog’s release and forwarding content. Many official micro-blog have carefully reviewed micro-blog content. As a famous life magazine official in micro-blog, micro-blog’s content in never talking about politics or religion, talk about feelings, but the daily release of the essence of the most classic of life from these sayings, then sentiment can let us slowly to experience the taste of life, from a deeper level of understanding. It should be said that let us carefully to the taste of life, life is not to rely on propaganda slogans against. This is a good grasp of the content of micro-blog. If, for example, a date is the birth date of a great man, then micro-blog can refer to this great man’s article or famous saying on this date, so that everyone can draw attention.

at the same time, the official micro-blog should strictly review micro-blog’s release. In addition to interesting content, an official micro-blog should not be released immediately after it is made. We should make a rigorous review according to whether it conforms to the corporate culture and brand style and product positioning. Then submitted to the corresponding operational leadership checks, especially the micro-blog content related to corporate attitudes, should not be released casually, otherwise it will easily cause fans of all kinds of disputes.

fourth, keep interacting with your fans regularly. In addition to the content of operation requires careful planning official outside of micro-blog, and interaction between the fans and recovery is very important, otherwise the official micro-blog looks like a radio, the lack of interaction of official micro-blog will not be easy to win fans of all ages.