Very modest as good as water studied film

February 2008, Xu Gu film ( on the line. After revision again and again, again and again the experience of success and failure again and again after his film finally on the line. Fortunately, whether it is success or failure, our belief has not changed, and our ideals have never been abandoned.

studied, if you search for the word in the Google or Baidu, introduced a lot of is all about painting, originally for the name, I was in doubt, because xugu8 is not doing calligraphy and painting, why the name? Just know later, the origin of this name is a source of.

do not know how many people have heard of this sentence: "as good as water very modest".

"as good as water", Lao Tzu from the "moral" chapter eighth: "as good as water. Water is good for all things, but not for all the evil. A good place is a good heart, a good heart, a good mind, a good character, a good faith, a good mind, a good mind, a good mind and a good mind. The husband is the only one who does not dispute."

the goodness of man must be like water. The water is good at helping things and not everything. It stays where people do not like it, so it is close to the tao. Good people live to be humble like water, even like water deep, as friends to blind speech should be like water, like water sincerely, that politicians should work properly and logically arranged like water, like water equal to anything, to act as standby water. It was because he was like water that he had nothing to contend with, so he had no trouble.

now why people worry more, just open eyes in the name of busy busy, all the time in the struggle for profit. For some a little petty profits and gain the head broken and bleeding. This can not be tired, do not get angry? Water conservancy all things without competition, why do people do a little small things, do a little pay, it is necessary to be famous,


water is the source of human life, but it is very common, usually insignificant. Many people tend to be "out of water."". But water is everywhere and people can’t live without water any more. The energy of water is also enormous. Mountain flood momentum Ruohong, yixieqianli. A dam is built on the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, and the water becomes a huge electric energy to the four and eight sides. Water not only has a huge impact, but also has a strong penetration. The ground is seamless, but the water penetrates into the ground. Water also has a very strong dissolving power. Many hard things after a water bubble becomes loose and soft. Dropping wears stone. The strength of the water is big enough.

good if water, but also very modest. It is difficult for a man with a broad mind to be as good as water.

"Lao Tzu": "ancient brave soldier, mysterious and deep knowledge…… If the London Xi Xi Park, open the ruogu." Again: "de ruogu." Wang Bizhu: "no Deqide, no arms also." Due to the "very modest" very modest and open-minded Valley profound things ". Turbulent, rotary stream, pine lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, clouds, thorns, valleys are the same.