The establishment of 20 days P1 million did

360 cinema station 20 days, although Baidu has not been included, but also realized the day IP million PV over 10 thousand. Now also bold talk about their experience, I hope you predecessors give me directions, let me learn more.

1. to start around friends to help propaganda, see the computer, let them help in the desktop plus connection.

2.QQ the classmates and friends is absolutely your a resource! And they explain the circumstances, they will be happy to help you stay connected everywhere! I did not let them pull people everywhere advertised! Let them put the forum or QQ signature changed my station. is a good place to sleep, I put my hair out! But some attention, moderation! I was probably too much, which leads to 20 days Baidu are not included in me! Baidu Post Bar and know how to do! I don’t think I have to say. I’m talking about the baidu encyclopedia. He can make any registered users to edit entries! When editing entries, can help Baidu to collect useful information (Hey! He is not free to do) in the following references: is the URL of the website and can write! Also with all connections. You can just read the entry and see. I’m not going to put my address.

4. should be thick skinned, looking for old Adsense to help you do connection. Hey, I now come to analogy cheeky! I hope QQ:57662213, webmaster and I exchange, I am a rookie! Hope everyone entertainment navigation station, station and so on can include 360 movies or give a friendship connection.

pear here, thank you,